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Master MATLAB through Guided Problem Solving is a tutorial film for learning basic to advanced Udemy programming from the Udemy site. By watching this course and following the steps you can become a MATLAB expert and develop your engineering skills. MATLAB is the language of scientific computing in academia, research and industry. MATLAB\\\’s programming skills can build a career in engineering, physics, biology, finance, and many other fields.

But how can you learn Matlab programming? Sure, it will be possible to watch movies on the Internet, but these videos generally focus on the most basic programming skills, such as how to write a loop and how to write a loop.

Master MATLAB through Guided Problem Solving course features:

  • Matlab training from basic to advanced
  • Solve mathematical equations with MATLAB
  • Serial image and time segmentation
  • Calculations and differential equations
  • Generate fractal images and time series
  • Non-parametric statistics and nonlinear model fitting
  • Analysis of identical and multivariate series
  • Spectral analysis (February) and time frequency
  • 2D and 3D drawing tutorials and animation data
  • Linear algebra includes forced segmentation and principal component analysis

Course specification:

  • Duration: 37:58:06
  • English language
  • Number of lessons: 170 lessons
  • Movie format: MP4 1280 × 720
  • Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Instructor: Tim Buchalka\\\’s Learn Programming Academy, Mike X Cohen

Course headings:

Course content
170 lectures 37:58:06

Course Introduction
3 lectures

Getting Started
5 lectures

Vectors and Variables
6 lectures

Command Statements
5 lectures

Import and Export Data
4 lectures

Translate Formulas into Code
8 lectures

Descriptive Statistics
4 lectures

2D Plotting
12 lectures

3D Plotting
8 lectures

4 lectures

Data Animations
7 lectures

Graphical User Interfaces
5 lectures

Functions and Anonymous Functions
6 lectures

Find, Min, Max
7 lectures

Calculus and Differential Equations
5 lectures

Cleaning Univariate Time Series
8 lectures

Multivariate Time Series Cleaning
8 lectures

Time Series Analysis
9 lectures

Spectral Analysis
8 lectures

Matrix Analysis
19 lectures

Circular Distributions and Analyses
4 lectures

Fractal Time Series and Images
8 lectures

Nonparametric Statistics
7 lectures

Nonlinear Model Fitting
5 lectures

Bonus Material
5 lectures

Course prerequisites

  • A computer with MATLAB or Octave installed.
  • Many people have access to MATLAB through their school, university, or company.
  • MATLAB also offers student licenses and free 30-day trials.
  • Octave is a free cross-platform scientific computing environment that has nearly identical functionality as MATLAB.
  • Some previous experience with MATLAB programming is desirable.
  • This course starts from the basics but builds quickly to intermediate / advanced programming levels.
  • Previous experience with other programming languages ​​will be useful but not necessary.


Master MATLAB through Guided Problem Solving

Sample movie

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This tutorial has English subtitles.

Training date for 2018/11 is correct. The image and headings of this date were not available. The training time in this release is 37:58:06. The number of lessons is 170 lessons.

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    VIP member here. Can you update this course please. outdated and I paid for this please.


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