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LibXl for Windows is a library where you can read Excel files. No need to use Microsoft Excel and .NET framework, this set has an easy to use combination with powerful features. The LibXl library helps your program to extract and extract data to / from Excel files and can also be used as a report engine. The LibXl library can be used in C, C ++, C #, Delphi, Fortran and other programming languages.

Features of LibXl for Windows:

  • Create a new spreadsheet
  • Extract data from a spreadsheet and edit it
  • Support for Excel 97-2003 xls binary
  • Support for Excel 2007-2013 xml formats (xlsx / xlsm)
  • Supports Unicode and 64-bit operating systems
  • Contains C / C ++ headers, Delphi unit and .NET assembly
  • Supports multiple formatting options: alignments, borders, colors, fill patterns, fonts, merging cells, etc.
  • Writing speeds at 2,100,000 cells per second for numbers and 240,000 cells per second for filtering strings in xls binary format
  • Use the library in commercial applications at no extra cost
  • Add Sheet Dimensions to Output Files (xlsx)
  • Improved autofit accuracy feature
  • Added calcId attribute to calcPr elements
  • Solve the problem by copying a page with an image, chart and table
  • Solve the problem by reading Frommel with user-defined functions
  • Output data to an Excel file
  • Support for C #, Delphi, c ++ and Fortran programming languages


xlCreateBook (): Creates a binary example book in xls format

xlCreateXMLBook (): Creates an xml book sample for xlsx format

See LibXl for Windows for full details.

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Installation guide

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Download link

Download LibXL 3.9.3 Windows x86-x64

Download LibXL 3.9.3 for Linux x86-x64-ARMv7

Download LibXL for Windows 3.8.4 Retail

Download LibXL_for Windows 3.8.2 Retail

Download LibXL_for Windows 3.8.1

Download LibXL_Excel library

Download LibXL_for Windows 3.6.5

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