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JEB Decompiler is a powerful Android Decompiler software developed by and for security engineers. JEB is a reverse engineering platform for disassembly, docking, debugging and document analysis and code manually or as part of an analysis line. With this powerful software, you can easily decode and analyze obfuscate or obscure APK files or Java code in a matter of minutes. This module, along with a powerful interface for desktop operating systems, enables refactoring and scripting operations to automate complex tasks.

Features and Features of JEB Decompiler:

  • Perform static and dynamic analysis of Android applications, good or bad, small or large.
  • Decompile code using Dalvik decompiler including multi-dex APK
  • Refactor the analysis to break the vague code generated by the program protector.
  • Restore obscure XML sources and files.
  • Debugging and debugging Dalvik codes as well as all native code (Intel, ARM)
  • Automate and script reverse engineering operations using api
  • Using Java or Python, users can write their own scripts and plugins to automate the reverse engineering process.
  • MIPS Processor and Decompiler Microcontroller device allows reverse engineers and security auditors to analyze malicious MIPS programs and sophisticated auditing systems (router, set-top box, IoT device, etc.).
  • Advanced optimization to eliminate protected or obscure code

required system  


JEB requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8. (Note that jeb.jar works with older JRE 7, or newer JRE 9; however, the UI desktop client requires a JRE 8.)

UI Support Package

The RCP client requires a support package . The support package contains common graphical framework components based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform framework.

  • If you are running JEB on an Internet-connected computer, the latest and most appropriate version of the support package for your system will be downloaded and installed.
  • If you are running JEB within a limited connectivity environment, you will need to download the support package manually. See below


JEB Decompiler

Installation guide

Listed in Readme file.

download link

Download JEB Decompiler_3.24

Download JEB Decompiler_for Android Pro

Download JEB Decompiler_2.3.12

Download JEB Decompiler_2.2.7

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