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SQLBackupAndFTP and MySQLBackupFTP applications are small but efficient and powerful tools for backing up SQL Server and MySQL databases. The software is capable of compressing and encrypting relevant databases and allows them to be uploaded directly to FTP and various cloud services. These programs include convenient features for scheduling and automating backup operations. The ability to send performance reports to email is also another feature of SQLBackupAndFTP and MySQLBackupFTP.

Features of SQLBackupAndFTP and MySQLBackupFTP Software:

– Low volume and easy and fast software environment

– Database backup in a variety of ways, based on user needs and according to Transaction log

– Ability to schedule and perform backup automatically

– Sending report of success or failure of operations to user email

– Send backup files to Google Drive, Microsoft, OneDrive, FTP, etc.

– Supports various versions of Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL


SQLBackupAndFTP conducted a series of changes here and MySQLBackupFTP from here is visible.

Notes SQLBackupAndFTP programs and MySQLBackupFTP:

– Full version with crack has been provided by Danlvly installed and tested.

– Enable offered the possibility to activate different versions, including the most complete Edition or Professional Lifetime Lifetime is capable of Prof. Compare the features of SQLBackupAndFTP versions from here and MySQLBackupFTP from here see.

– applications in both conventional editing Version 3.5 for .NET and Azure Edition is offered with two separately located.

– Video tutorial and initial using the tool SQLBackupAndFTP in  here and the tool MySQLBackupFTP  here  above.

required system

: SQL Backup And FTP Compatibility

SQL Server 2014 Express

SQL Server 2012 Express

SQL Server 2008 Express

SQL Server 2005 Express

SQL Server 2014 – all editions

SQL Server 2012 – all editions

SQL Server 2008 – all editions

SQL Server 2005 – all editions

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003

Windows Vista / 2008

Windows 7 Windows 8 / 8.1 / 2012

: MySql Backup FTP Compatibility

MySql 5.0 and higher

MySql 4.1

(phpMyAdmin 3.3, phpMyAdmin 3.4 (if connecting through phpMyAdmin

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003

Windows Vista / 2008

Windows 7



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download SQLBackupAndFTP 12.4.8 Professional

Download SQLBackupAndFTP 12.4.7 Professional (Cracked by Downloadly)

Download SQLBackupAndFTP_12.2.3 Professional

Download SQLBackupAndFTP_11.7.1 Professional

Download SQLBackupAndFTP_Professional_10.2.14

Download MySQLBackupFTP_Professional_4.2.4

Download MySQLBackupAndFTP 4.1.20

File password (s):


SQLBackupAndFTP Tool : 21 MB

MySQLBackupFTP tool: 14 MB

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