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Atomineer is a unique extension for XML Documentation in Visual Studio environment. If you are a .NET programmer, you have definitely come across the .NET documentation, MSDN. Have you noticed that msdn is formed under a specific, regular format? List of methods? parameters? The names of methods, classes, and so on. All links are automatically linked to each other. When you search for a method name in msdn, all its overloads are displayed. This regular structure is the result of correct documentation of the code by XML Documentation. When you hit the slash character three times (ie) at the beginning of a class or method, a special form of comment is created that allows you to enter the method name, input and output parameters, parameter types, expansions, and so on.

If you have the time, do all the documentation carefully and in accordance with Microsoft\\\\\\\’s guidelines. You can later document and share your code with msdn tools. But since filling in these fields is a time consuming task, there have been various applications such as Ghost Doc and Atomineer, which we intend to introduce here as the Atomineer efficient tool. This extension provides many features that help minimize your comment rate.

The program intelligently understands your code and completes the various comment sections accordingly. Instantly you can see the final output of the document, which is very useful in learning as well as detecting the optimal output. Knowledge programming is based on order and principles, even when writing comments we can have nice comments such as intervals, indentations, and so on. The software that it produces is very orderly, and you only fill in the necessary parts. It helps you with naming, formatting, and coding standards and increases the speed of document writing, especially if you are code-savvy and sensitive to rules and regulations!

Atomineer Features and Features:

  • Creating xml documentation with various doxigen, kiuti, javadak and other popular templates
  • Static code analysis and changing different parts of code
  • Automating most of the code commenting process
  • Enhance the readability of comments with nice, regular formats
  • Ability to create comment headers for all project files
  • Compatible with all .NET languages ​​at Visual Studio
  • Compatible with various versions of Visual Studio VS 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015
  • Copy to clipboard without cropping templates for copy in other applications like Word

System Requirement

VS 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019



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Download Atomineer Pro Documentation VS 2015-2019

Download Atomineer Pro Documentation

Download Atomineer Pro 9.30

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