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GCP: The Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide is the name of the software testing suite in the Google Cloud Platform directory. This set of video tutorials can be termed as a comprehensive guide to Google and Cloud Architect\\\’s information engineering. By watching this course you will learn about the great information technologies such as BigTable, Dataflow, Apache Beam and Pub / Sub and understand their benefits.

You will also learn how to build deep learning models on cloud databases using TensorFlow. On the other hand, when viewing this course, you can make informed decisions about Containers, VMs, and AppEngine. Also the course ahead for anyone looking to use Google Cloud Platform will be the right choice.

GCP course features: Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide:

Dear students, you will be thoroughly acquainted with the Google Cloud Platform by viewing and learning the tutorials available in this course and will learn about its advantages and disadvantages. Honorable students, you will also have 226 video tutorials to complete this course.

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Lecturer: Loony Corn
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 27:51:50
  • Number of lessons: 226 lessons
  • English language

GCP Headlines: Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide:

Course content
226 lectures 27:51:50

You, This Course and Us
2 lectures 02:11

4 lectures 23:46

14 lectures 01:32:29

15 lectures 01:33:02

Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner ~ OLTP ~ RDBMS
9 lectures 55:21

Hadoop Pre-reqs and Context
1 lecture 00:18

BigTable ~ HBase = Columnar Store
9 lectures 55:10

Datastore ~ ​​Document Database
3 lectures 21:06

BigQuery ~ Hive ~ OLAP
12 lectures 01:31:10

Dataflow ~ Apache Beam
11 lectures 01:35:36

Dataproc ~ Managed Hadoop
8 lectures 51:59

Pub / Sub for Streaming
10 lectures 01:03:25

Datalab ~ Jupyter
5 lectures 26:01

TensorFlow and Machine Learning
28 lectures 03:49:04

Regression in TensorFlow
17 lectures 02:25:52

Vision, Translate, NLP and Speech: Trained ML APIs
5 lectures 43:55

Virtual Machines and Images
8 lectures 46:27

VPCs and Interconnecting Networks
20 lectures 03:07:34

Managed Instance Groups and Load Balancing
15 lectures 01:56:26

Ops and Security
13 lectures 01:39:54

Appendix: Hadoop Ecosystem
17 lectures 02:10:44


Basic understanding of technology – superficial exposure to Hadoop is enough


GCP Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

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