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WINSOFT ComPort is a Delphi library and C ++ Builder for communicating with Android devices via USB port. This library supports CP210x, CP2130, CDC, FTDI, PL2303 and CH34x devices. These standards cover a wide range of Android-based electronic devices and boards. For example, you will be able to communicate with Arduino boards in addition to regular Android devices. These boards, although still young, are used by many users around the world for ease of use.

From now on, if you need to exchange information with Delphi and C ++ Builder on Android based devices, you can easily add this library to your project. You don\\\’t need to root your Android device to use this library. In fact, this library transmits the information required by the device\\\’s serial ports to your target device via a standard usb port. There are several libraries for this, but in Delphi we can call them the most complete.

The classes and methods in WINSOFT ComPort are clearly coded and you don\\\’t need much effort to learn them. This program comes with a number of examples that will give you a complete overview of the essentials of this library by reviewing the code for these projects. The library is available as a full-service library and if you are interested in developing these libraries you can achieve your goal by manipulating the product code. This library is freely available, so its use does not create any dependency on other software and side libraries.

Features and Features of WINSOFT ComPort:

  • Easy connection to a variety of serial ports and control of connected devices
  • Use multi-thread processing to increase program efficiency and speed
  • Provided for Delphi / C ++ Builder 5 – 10.1 and Lazarus 1.6
  • Providing source code with libraries for further development by programmers
  • Easy to use
  • Low library volume and minimum overhead
  • And …

Applications in this series:


WINSOFT_ComPort for Android FT31xD

WINSOFT_ComPort for Android FTDI

WINSOFT_ComPort for Android Prolific

WINSOFT_ComPort for Android USB Serial

WINSOFT_ComPort for Android USB

WINSOFT ComPort for Android

WINSOFT ComPort for FireMonkey

WINSOFT Comport for OSX


WinSoft ComPort.NET

required system




Installation guide

Programmers know better.

download link


Download WINSOFT ComPort_6.0 for Delphi XE10.1-XE10.3

Download WINSOFT ComPort_5.7 for D5-D7 D2005-D2010 DXE-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for Android_2.1 for DXE7-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for_Android FT31xD 1.3 for DXE6-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for Android FTDI 2.6 for DXE6-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for Android Prolific 2.7 for DXE6-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for Android USB 2.6 for DXE6-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for Android USB Serial 2.0 for DXE6-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT ComPort_for FireMonkey 1.5 for DXE2-DXE8 D10-D10.2


Download Winsoft ComPort_for .NET 3.0 Full Source

Download WinSoft ComPort_.NET 3.0

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