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Qt Widgets for Beginners with C ++ is a tutorial from Udemy that teaches beginner level users how to use Qt Widgets with C ++. Qt is a set of free C ++ libraries used to build graphical user interfaces and multi-platform applications. This course is designed for those who have little familiarity with the Qt Core library and intend to reach a higher level in working with Qt widgets.

This course is dedicated to Qt Widgets and Desktop Programming with the help of the C ++ language and teaches all the comprehensives from a basic level. If you still don\’t know how to create a button for your software, you\’ll learn a lot about MVC programming by watching this course and you can even design a complete app. The lecturer shares all the code with you through GitHub and offers different exercises for better learning.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn Programming Qt
  • Learn about QWidget, QPushButton, QFrame, QTreeWidget
  • MVC programming tutorial
  • C ++ Language Learning
  • file management
  • UI design

Course Specifications Qt Widgets for Beginners with C ++:

  • English language
  • Duration: 17 hours and 16 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 73
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Bryan Cairns
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

Qt Widgets for Beginners with C ++

Course prerequisites

  • Qt Core Beginners
  • Qt Core Intermediate
  • Advanced Qt Core
  • C ++ Programming


Qt Widgets for Beginners with C ++

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