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IDL or Interactive Data Language, a simple programming language for the analysis and interpretation of data digitally, such as images. This language is reliable, and scientific fields, different used. IDL language, all-purpose, is that in many projects, whether in small scale, and what scales for processing and interpretation of numerical data an important role. For example, one of the important uses of this language in the interpretation of satellite images is.

Nowadays, the remote sensing branch of Scientific is important in the affairs of a variety plays an important role he played game. One of the main tasks in this field, the analysis and interpretation of the data and satellite images is. Without the use of computer systems and software related to this work is very difficult, and in some cases almost impossible. For this reason, software such as provided that provide different capabilities, it\’s very simple, they. ENVI is a product of language IDL support.

Also, because most of the modules of the software based on the language IDL are you can module dedicated to this language, write to the program add. These modules can Front do a lot of repetitive tasks to learn, and quickly perform the operation more and more. The language of the great features is that it for doing science have distinguished.For example, with the use of this language, you can with a variety of video formats, both specialized and scientific, such as HDF,CDF,NetCDF, and other video formats typical work. A variety of statistical calculations and data analysis to do. You can with the graphical objects, the language of the user interfaces, which you want to create. Other languages, such as C and Fortran in IDL are applicable and can be used with the use of functions and libraries ready this languages, the ability of the primary IDL\’s development on a shoestring budget.

System requirements IDL, ENVI

Intel/AMD 64-bit
Windows 7, 8, 10



Installation guide

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