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GTS NX is the name of engineering software specialized in the analysis of geotechnical systems by the midas engineering group. With this software you can analyze various data such as drilling, complex tunnel systems, penetration analysis, consolidation analysis, soil design, dynamic analysis and slope analysis. The software in front of you also has an advanced user-friendly modeling platform that brings you an unparalleled level of accuracy and performance. The creators of the product believe that this software is a new generation of geotechnical systems analysis software.

The GTS NX software takes full advantage of the latest 64-bit GUI. The software\’s user interface makes it easy to get to know the process and analyze your geotechnical systems with considerable speed. The speed of fast analysis, superb graphics and user output capabilities brings a whole new level of geotechnical design to the forefront.

Also, according to the creators of this product, you will be able to easily model and simulate the most sophisticated models in this software due to its capabilities. The software in front of you is also an optimal combination of tetrahedral and hexahedron elements. With the hexahedron element the results obtained by this software will be more accurate. On the other hand, the existence of a tetrahedral element will also help to model sharper curves.

Features and features of midas GTS NX software:

  • Benefit from a 64-bit GUI very user-friendly
  • Ability to model very complex models with the capabilities of this software
  • Offering very useful solutions for all types of projects
  • Benefit from an efficient solution to analyze different data types
  • Benefit from powerful processing for better results
  • Easy conversion of AutoCAD maps to GTS model

System Requirements

midas GTS NX system requirements


midas GTS NX screenshot



2.29 GB

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