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The Microsoft System Center software suite is Microsoft’s comprehensive management solution for seamlessly managing and running data centers across clients and servers to a variety of network equipment and physical and virtual environments as well as data monitoring and protection. By utilizing this suite, IT and IT administrators will be able to manage and safeguard the entire computer system under their control in a fully integrated way, saving time and cost on system maintenance and increasing productivity and efficiency. The efficiency will work.

Software including Microsoft System Center suite :

MicrosoftSystemCenter App Controller (SCAC): Unified management of virtual machines with the possibility of deploying cloud systems

MicrosoftSystemCenter Configuration Manager or SCCM: Software and hardware configuration management; including operating system installation, software distribution, and security and remote control packages with full support for client, server, and mobile operating systems

MicrosoftSystemCenter Data Protection Manager (SCDPM): Integrated and comprehensive backup and backup to recover when problems occur with Windows data and systems such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, file servers as well as desktop and laptop windows.

MicrosoftSystemCenter Operations Manager (SCOM): a single infrastructure for seamless or flexible monitoring and monitoring of system operations to control hardware and software resources in data centers, monitoring of public and private cloud systems, and intelligent accountability for system processes

MicrosoftSystemCenter Orchestrator (SCO): A data center workflow automation center to manage and monitor workflows and automate them

MicrosoftSystemCenter Service Manager (SCSM): Unified Service Management and Accountability for Troubleshooting, Managing Change, and Assessing Life Cycle Management

MicrosoftSystemCenter Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM): Advanced virtualization and development management, management and optimization of virtual as well as physical infrastructures and data centers with optimized resource utilization

Tips on this package :

– The provided files are original and complete versions of Microsoft and are not Trial or Trial.

– This suite includes other software that has just been released.

required system

The hardware and software requirements for this suite can be seen here .


Installation guide

Apparently the 2019 version does not need a serial.

A serial of earlier versions is provided.


Detailed information for version 2019:

System Center Configuration Manager 2019 (x64) – DVD (Multiple Languages)
VLSC Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_ConfigMgrClt_ML_1902_MultiLang_ConfMgr_SCEP_MLF_X22-04818.iso
CRC-32: 7F8EF5EC
MD5: DE0E08903793D3B0490A279A9A21D1E9
SHA-1: 280D873A577BB8A06683B5C7536565222C5F27E8

System Center Data Protection Manager 2019 (x64) – DVD (Multiple Languages)
MSDN Name: mu_system_center_data_protection_manager_2019_x64_dvd_b9964d9f.iso
VLSC Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2019_MultiLang_DPM_MLF_X22-02453.iso
CRC-32: 545C896F
MD5: 24E0E83FD67F596F661CB362A0CFBFCC
SHA-1: E462461818E90504627AEBE37CCE45DBDF4F17D9

System Center Operations Manager 2019 (x64) – DVD (Multiple Languages)
MSDN Name: mu_system_center_operations_manager_2019_x64_dvd_b3488f5c.iso
VLSC Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2019_MultiLang_OpsMgr_MLF_X22-01825.iso
CRC-32: DF944C7B
MD5: 5972F3B4380830515884100C1D9A1056
SHA-1: 9B4521D31130F4819C3CA394A9E496A6D54242E0

System Center Orchestrator 2019 (x64) – DVD (Multiple Languages)
MSDN Name: mu_system_center_orchestrator_2019_x64_dvd_98784e83.iso
VLSC Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2019_MultiLang_Orch_MLF_X22-02379.iso
CRC-32: BAF42174
MD5: DCEDA9D831225F71E29E817935D370E0
SHA-1: A9498EE502A2B47671C92D8B11833ECAC0A72D53

System Center Service Manager 2019 (x64) – DVD (Multiple Languages)
MSDN Name: mu_system_center_service_manager_2019_x64_dvd_6281b1fe.iso
VLSC Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2019_MultiLang_SvcMgr_MLF_X22-04412.iso
CRC-32: BB93ACC3
SHA-1: E5B14E04D1BB210237C8A69015146063909C90AC

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2019 (x64) – DVD (Multiple Languages)
MSDN Name: mu_system_center_virtual_machine_manager_2019_x64_dvd_06c18108.iso
VLSC Name: SW_DVD5_Sys_Ctr_DataCenter_Core_2019_MultiLang_VMM_MLF_X22-02616.iso
CRC-32: BC258C41
SHA-1: 46974E3978C657FF4A2B2469AAFB3F5CA50A3539

download link

Microsoft System Center 2019 x64

Download Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2019 x64 VLSC

Download Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2019 x64 MSDN VLSC

Download Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2019 x64 MSDN VLSC

Download Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2019 x64 MSDN VLSC

Download Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2019 x64 MSDN VLSC

Download Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2019 x64 MSDN VLSC

Microsoft System Center 2018

Download MicrosoftSystemCenter Configuration Manager 2018

Download MicrosoftSystemCenter Data Protection Manager 2018

Download MicrosoftSystemCenter Operations Manager 2018

Download MicrosoftSystemCenter Orchestrator 2018

Download MicrosoftSystemCenter Service Manager 2018

Download MicrosoftSystemCenter Virtual Machine Manager 2018

Microsoft System Center 2016


Download Configuration Manager 2016

Download DataCenter DataProtection Manager Server 2016

File password (s):


6.12 GB

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