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BoxedApp Packer is a utility for compressing all software related files into one executable file. This tool is very useful for programmers. When writing software, various libraries and accessory files are usually used. It might not be a great idea to publish a large number of ActiviX dlls and video, audio, and video resources along with the executable file. You can easily import all these files into the BoxedApp Packer application and pack them into the executable file. When the user opens the application file. There are all the requirements of the program inside that single file.

Using this tool will not affect the performance of the application. However, the speed of running the program is slightly reduced, which is not impressive. Also note that the number of files you inject into the main program file will increase the final volume of your program. Therefore, this method is only recommended for programs with low external dependencies. This is why heavy applications like Office and Photoshop do not use these tools as the final file size increases and more memory space is opened.

Along with this package, there is also the BoxedApp Packer API as a programming interface and the BoxedAPP SDK, which developers will have access to through a library of functions for virtualizing applications. For example, they can simulate file system, registry, and the like. Using these functions you can create a virtual file, define registry keys as fake, and so on. This library is available for C ++, C #, VB.Net, VB6, Delphi, Builder C languages.

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BoxedApp Packer

Installation guide

The Packer 3 version has a crack which after installation requires that the files in the Crack folder be copied to the installation location.

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Download BoxedApp_Packer 2018.14.0.0

Download BoxedApp_Packer


Download BoxedApp_SDK 2019.2.0.0 for Delphi

Download BoxedApp_SDK Delphi Tokyo Delphi Rio

Download BoxedApp_SDK


Download BoxedApp_API

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