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Modern CSS for Backend Developers is the title of a video tutorial on web design and development in the CSS tutorial. This course is designed and released for Backend developers and developers. You will learn the latest and most advanced CSS programming language skills by watching this video course. With the help of this course you can learn the proper layout that is used today in the web space. This way you will be able to respond to your customers\’ web-level needs.

You will also learn the overall structure of HTML and CSS at the beginning of this visual course. Then by watching this tutorial you will be able to create pages that are displayed in the best possible way in all browsers. The level of training set before you is advanced and you need to have sufficient CSS programming language knowledge in advance.

Modern CSS for Backend Developers course features:

  • Learn how to write CSS programming language correctly
  • Learn the concept of Grid on pages and write it correctly and efficiently
  • Learn How to Design and Build Different Cards for Your Web Pages (Card Design)
  • Learn how to solve possible problems in page design
  • Answering the possible questions that come up with any programming
  • Learn how to design mobile web pages
  • And…

Modern CSS for Backend Developers course specifications:

  • Publisher: Laracasts
  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 03:25:59
  • Number of lessons: 16 lessons
  • English language

Modern CSS Courses for Backend Developers:

Piece By Piece – Structure, Resets, and Flexbox
RUN TIME 19:09

Flex Your Grids
RUN TIME 11:17

Workshop – Card Design
RUN TIME 19:30

Refactoring to Utility Classes and Tailwind
RUN TIME 16:18

Easy Flexbox Wins
RUN TIME 11:38

Workshop – FAQs
RUN TIME 19:21

Pricing Selection Design
RUN TIME 17:08

Tailwind Customization
RUN TIME 12:30

Call to Action Banner Design
RUN TIME 14:10

Mobile-First Design
RUN TIME 13:12

Mobile-First Layouts
RUN TIME 12:54

Tweaking Piece By Piece Mobile

Better Sizing and Spacing With rems
RUN TIME 11:55

Reverse the Order

Make It Sticky

Complete Wield Control Over the Order


Modern CSS for Backend Developers

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