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The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course from courses Udemy is to teach, build programs and games of Android to help language Kathleen (Kotlin) is dealt. With the completion of this course, you can program and games, such as Pokémon , etc. , Tweeter, etc. tick single in and note pad to the right. This course is for all people who like programmer, Kathleen, have. Courses start from the basic, to the level of categories with language Kathleen will be familiar. Initially, the working environment Kathleen is installed and the first application with this language, this is written. Then, in the case of variables., the mathematical operations and prioritize the information provided.

In Continue, decision making with the use of the structures provided, and then the Rings taught. In the case of functions, object, etc. collection data. being which a from collection are based on program performance, higher talking to the. In the case of parallel programming, and few wore a complete description is provided. Then, you build the game and programs like Pokémon and tick single in using Web Services, RESTful, and json structure is taught. Working with sqlite database and how to insert, delete and update records is taught. With Firebase and its role in games and apps on a network will be familiar.

The content of the training course The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course :

  • The construction of the first program with the use of language, Kathleen
  • Build apps such as Twitter, etc. Facebook, media player, calculator etc.
  • Work with Firebase and Web Services, RESTful
  • Work with map
  • Work with the database and SharepPreference
  • Connecting Android to Web Services, php and database mysql
  • Deal with reverse engineering applications
  • The use of the services, system
  • Complete familiarity with the language, Kathleen
  • Understand the new object
  • And …

Profile course The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time : 33:36:18
  • Number of courses: 205
  • Lecturer : Hussein Al Rubaye
  • File format : Video: h264, 1280*720 | Audio: AAC 44 KHz 2ch
  • Playback in : Windows, Mobile, TV

The full list of headings and titles, educational

Course content
205 lectures 33:36:18

Introduction and Resources
3 lectures 03:27

Setup the environment
2 lectures 06:02

Build First Kotlin App
5 lectures 42:27

Operations and Priorities
5 lectures 31:17

Decision Making
6 lectures 45:59

Loop Control
4 lectures 45:47

Data Structures (Collections)
9 lectures 01:19:34

5 lectures 42:37

Object Oriented Programming
19 lectures 02:01:57

3 lectures 20:16

Multi Threading
2 lectures 16:40

Android Startup
2 lectures 29:29

Find my age App
4 lectures 30:47

Complete Tic Tac toy game
6 lectures 58:31

Calculator app
9 lectures 01:23:49

Pockemon game in Android
7 lectures 01:01:53

Zoo App
7 lectures 01:09:36

Restaurant menu
4 lectures 46:39

Web services|| Find City Sunrise time App
6 lectures 01:05:23

Sqlite database|| My Notes App
12 lectures 02:36:56

Android P Updates
1 lecture 29:08

introduction To firebase
2 lectures 30:57

Firebase|| Online Tic tac toy game
11 lectures 01:58:44

Firebase || Twitter and Facebook App
11 lectures 02:15:06

Media Player for play online and Local songs App
5 lectures 55:21

Complete Alarm app
8 lectures 57:54

Sensors, Apps
2 lectures 28:00

Firebase || Find my phone App
18 lectures 03:45:13

Twitter App using MySql and PHP web service
22 lectures 03:40:33

Build Web Services with Node.js and C#
2 lectures 37:14

Publish App to Store
3 lectures 19:00


No previous programming experience is required! I will teach you what you need to know.
You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or a Mac running OS X.


The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

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Version 2019/4 compared to 2018/6 about two hours of time added. The size is about 3 GB, it increased.

Version 2019/8 compared to 2019/4 about 1 GB increase the volume of have been. Other information of the changes is not available.

Version 2020/7 compared to 2019/8 about 100 MB of size reduction is. Other information of the changes is not available.

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