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Schlumberger OLGA is a software developed for modeling and simulating a multi-phase flow that is a dynamic process. The program was first formally launched by Statoil, which was then acquired by the SPT Group and subsequently developed by Schlumberger, a large company owned by Schlumberger. In Olga software, all types of pipeline networks that include various process equipment such as compressors, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, etc. can be dynamically modeled and simulated.

Features and Features of Schlumberger OLGA Software :

– Accurate and advanced simulation and modeling of flow within pipes

– Ability to dynamically simulate oil and gas pipes under different conditions

– Ability to calculate and incorporate various components such as heat transfer between the pipeline wall and the environment, pipe breakage, pipe corrosion, etc.

– Steady-state computation and analysis to address current problems and challenges

– Time-Dependent or Transient Flow Simulation to maximize production potential

– Ability to evaluate environmental impacts

– Ability to simulate and accurately predict key operating conditions such as startup, shutdown, pigging, etc.


required system

The hardware and software requirements for this version have not been made publicly available by the manufacturer, but the review requires high average processing power.





Installation guide

Version 2017 and 2018

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

2015 and 2016 version:

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Version 2016.2.1 was installed and successfully activated on Windows 10 64 bit on August 13, 96.

Version 7:

Run the Setup_DownLoadLy.iR.exe file to begin installing the license management tool and selecting Use a demo- or nodelocked license during installation. After displaying the SPT License Handler window, click on Configure and import OLGA_DownLoadLy.iR.lic from the Crack folder. Click Close to begin the software installation; after the installation is complete, copy and paste the contents of the SPT Group folder in the Crack folder where the program is installed. Finally, copy the OLGA_DownLoadLy.iR.lic file to the root of the C drive and run the software. If needed, create a folder called FlexLM in drive C and copy the OLGA_DownLoadLy.iR.lic file and rename it to license.dat.

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