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CADPower is one of the DesignSense (formerly developed by Four Dimension Technologies) software. The software in front of you is an add-on for AutoCAD and BricsCAD software. This software helps you to use CAD software more easily. CADPower is one of the most comprehensive toolkit for CAD software that is also very popular.

With the CADPower toolkit, you can add more power to CAD software. This will make your operations more efficient and faster. On the other hand, the tools in this set will dramatically increase your speed and you will be able to get things done in the shortest possible time.

By installing this software, an option called CADPower is added to the Task Bar or CAD software. With this option you will be able to access various Draw, Attributes, Blocks and more tools. You will be able to use the tools in this collection.

Features of CADPower Plugin:

  • Easy and convenient software installation
  • Added CADPower option to your CAD software automatically
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your work
  • Significantly reduce your errors
  • Benefit from advanced Polyline Tools
  • Benefit from Conversion Tools
  • Benefit from Export Tools
  • Enjoy Draw Tools
  • Benefit from Build Tools
  • Benefit from Annotation Tools
  • Benefit from Block Tools
  • Enjoy Text Tools
  • Benefit from Extended Entity Data Tools
  • And…

required system  

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7 – SP1 or later

Windows Vista



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder

BricsCAD installation guide:

Version 22.23 is incompatible with BricsCAD version 22 and requires additional steps to activate and crack the program menus. In the following guide, the steps marked with * are for BricsCAD V22 only:

  1. Install the software. If you are using BricsCAD version 21 and below, the CADPower menu will be activated automatically in the program. If you are using BricsCAD V22, use the guide at the end of the CADPower installation to activate the CADPower menu in BricsCAD.
  2. Run BricsCAD, get the Application Key code from the CADPower menu -> Display Application Key and save it somewhere. Close the application.
  3. Run the keygen_cadpower_22_nkAlex_en.lsp file with Notepad, and for the setq value CADPowerPath (line 33) replace the software installation path (default: C:\\Program Files\\Designsense\\CADPower22_BricsCAD_EN) (be sure to use \\) . For setq OperatingPlatform value (line 60), replace “AutoCAD” with “BricsCAD”. For setq ApplicationKey (line 66) also replace the received Application Key code with ” at the beginning and end with “000-000-000-000-000-000-000-000” and save the file.
  4. * In the CADPower installation path, delete the doslib21x64.brx file.
  5. * From the GitHub, download the file, copy the DOSLib22x64.brx file into the CADPower installation path, and rename it DOSLib21x64.brx.
  6. Run BricsCAD in Run as administrator mode, enter the APPLOAD command and load the keygen_cadpower_22_nkAlex_en.lsp file. After receiving the Generated license message in the console, close the software.
  7. Run the software again. Running the software is a bit long when CADPower is cracked and you get license invalid warning messages. Just wait for the software to run.

Not all CADPower 22.23 features may be available on BricsCAD V22!

download link

Download Four Dimension Technologies CADPower 22.23

Download Four Dimension Technologies CADPower v21.00

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