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NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python is the name of a course on the Udemy website that teaches how to implement and manage natural language processing ( NLP ) with Python. During this course you will learn how to use machine learning and deep learning science alongside the Spacy, NLTK and SciKit-Learn libraries to manage natural language processing. This course will teach you all the topics you need to become an NLP expert in Python.

You will learn the basics at the beginning of this course and learn how to work with text and PDF files in Python. You will then learn about the applications of the NLTK and Spacy libraries and use them for tokenization, parsing, and authentication. The tutor also teaches you the topic of tagging word components, which is an important part of building intelligent language systems, using Python scripts to automatically classify words.

You\’ll also learn how to let your code understand concepts like money, time, product, etc., and use the Scikit-Learn library to build machine learning systems. The course also covers advanced topics such as emotional analysis of texts and modeling and also uses in-depth learning to build dialogue robots.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Implementation and management of natural language processing by Python
  • Use machine learning and deep learning
  • Using the Spacy, NLTK and SciKit-Learn libraries
  • Working with text and PDF files in Python
  • Tokenization, decomposition, and identity identification
  • Labeling components of speech
  • Use Python scripts to automatically classify words
  • Emotional analysis of texts and modeling
  • Making chat robots

NLP course specifications – Natural Language Processing with Python:

  • English language
  • Duration: 11 hours 24 minutes
  • Number of courses: 79
  • Tutor: Jose Portilla
  • File format: mp4

Course headings:

79 lectures 11:24:38

4 lectures 21:58

Python Text Basics
8 lectures 01:20:00

Natural Language Processing Basics
13 lectures 01:44:26

Part of Speech Tagging and Named Entity Recognition
9 lectures 01:16:36

Text Classification
13 lectures 01:51:19

Semantics and Sentiment Analysis
8 lectures 01:04:19

Topic Modeling
9 lectures 01:07:50

Deep Learning for NLP
15 lectures 02:38:11

Course prerequisites

  • Understand general Python
  • Have permissions to install python packages onto computer
  • Internet connection


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