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Building An E-Commerce Store Using the Java Spring Framework The tutorial teaches you how to build an online store with the help of Java Spring Framework. During this course you will gain valuable experience working with Spring MVC, Spring Data, Hibernate, JPA, Spring Security and Spring Webflow and at the end of the course you can create a professional website for yourself. This course seeks to provide you with practical discussions and hands-on exercises to help you learn the process of web development from Front End to Back End with Framework Spring.

At the beginning of the course after watching the demo of the web design project, you will learn how to set up an MVC development environment and concepts. Then start the next section of the project and use Bootstrap as a template ready to quickly create a front-end view. Here\’s a look at data stability and ORM and use Spring Data to integrate with Hibernate and JPA. The course instructor also explains the application of Spring Security framework and talks about how to validate its certificates in database information. At the end of the course you will also learn how to use Spring Webflow to streamline the web flow process and how to use the REST API service in your project.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Use Spring MVC to launch the MVC framework
  • Use Bootstrap to quickly deploy Front End view
  • Developing domain classes for business identity modeling
  • Upload static resources such as images with the app
  • Use Spring Data to integrate with Hibernate and JPA to validate data
  • Use Spring Security for input control
  • Development of REST API service with Framework Spring
  • Use Angular JS to deploy REST services
  • Using Spring Webflow to develop a streamlined web process such as sequential checking

Course Specifications Building An E-Commerce Store Using Java Spring Framework:

  • English language
  • Duration: 14 hours and 26 minutes
  • Number of courses: 61
  • Teacher: Le Deng
  • File format: mp4

Course headings:

61 lectures 14:26:13

3 lectures 11:29

Setup and Demo
6 lectures 01:09:32

Online Music Store Website Part 1 – Landing Page, Product Model and Product List
8 lectures 01:53:54

Online Music Store Website Part 2 – Spring Data with ORM, Hibernate and JPA
12 lectures 02:59:54

Online Music Store Website Part 3 – Spring Security, Shopping Cart Functionality
8 lectures 02:12:06

Online Music Store Website Part 4 – Developing a More Sophisticated System
14 lectures 03:43:32

Online Music Store Website Part 5 – Order Checkout – Spring Web Flow
8 lectures 02:03:46

Get This Done Exercise
1 lecture 00:00

Bonus Section
1 lecture 00:00

Course prerequisites

  • You need to have some sort of basic Java, Javascript, Spring Framework, Angular JS
  • If you don\’t, you can still do it, but learn whatever you don\’t understand yourself on the way. Actually, I kind of like this way, as it pushes you to learn and learn with a purpose.


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