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Alteryx – Data processing, Data Manipulation and Analytics is the name of a course from Udemy that introduces you to data analysis and ETL process using Alteryx software. ETL, which stands for Extracting, Converting, and Loading Data, is a process in which information is copied from one or more sources to the destination system and displayed differently from its original location. Alteryx is also the name of a popular data science tool and data analysis services that makes the whole process of data analysis easy for you. This course is suitable for those who are just trying to learn IT-based services such as ETL or for those who are interested in data analytics and information scientist jobs.

In this course, you will be fully acquainted with the Alteryx tool and learn valuable information and business intelligence skills by learning the processes of information extraction and business analysis. This course focuses more on business intelligence and teaches you the concepts of analysis. During this course you will learn how to extract data from raw sources, how to edit data, and apply it to run logistic regression models alongside machine learning models such as SVM and DT, and How to predict data-driven datasets.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Familiarity with data analysis and ETL process
  • Work with Alteryx software
  • Extract information and business analysis
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence Analysis and Intelligence
  • Editing data and using it to run logistic regression models
  • Forecasting data-driven datasets

Alteryx course specifications – Data processing, Data Manipulation and Analytics:

  • English language
  • Duration: 4 hours and 40 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 89
  • Instructor: Steven Martin
  • File format: mp4

Alteryx Courses – Data processing, Data Manipulation and Analytics:

89 lectures 04:40:56

Trainer & Course Introduction
5 lectures 14:40

Significance of data
4 lectures 18:45

What is ETL and Analytics?
4 lectures 14:28

Download Alteryx. Getting familiar with the Alteryx environment and Alteryx Serve
5 lectures 15:49

What is Alteryx? And Why Are Organizations Using Alteryx?
2 lectures 9:16

Data extraction: Raw files and Databases
4 lectures 16:46

Saving Datasets and work flow. File and data formats in Alteryx
1 lecture 04:40

Efficient management of data space in tables with Auto field tool
1 lecture 04:43

Browse Tool to view all records
1 lecture 03:27

Know your data – Types of variables
1 lecture 04:49

Data Wrangling – Creating a new column with the Formula Tool. Using the Filter tool
3 lectures 13:56

Data Wrangling – Selecting few variables and Mending variable attributes using S
1 lecture 04:29

Numeric functions
2 lectures 08:41

Character functions
6 lectures 20:27

Handling dates and other formats
3 lectures 08:36

Summarize Tools – Functions in Alteryx to derive insightful data
2 lectures 07:27

Arranging data – Sorting & Cascade sorting
2 lectures 03:41

Handling duplicate observations and duplicate variable values ​​with the Unique Tool
3 lectures 08:30

Sampling and Creating Union / concatenation of data using Sample and Union tools
1 lecture 03:44

Joining tables with a common key
3 lectures 09:44

Transposing data
2 lectures 04:42

Frequency of categorical variables
2 lectures 06:55

Automating the workflows with Macros and Global Constants
4 lectures 09:35

Replacing Missing values
3 lectures 09:25

Intro to Data Analytics and decision making
5 lectures 14:42

Linear and Logistic Regression – Running Statistical Models with Predictive Tool
6 lectures 15:33

Machine Learning Algorithms
4 lectures 08:08

Time Series Modeling
7 lectures 13:27

Interview questions about Alteryx and database concepts
0 lectures 00:00

Two Hands on Industry Live Project for ETL tasks and Data Scientist
2 lectures 01:51

Course prerequisites

  • There are no requirements however its good to have basic knowledge of data processing in excel or SQL (optional)


Alteryx - Data processing, Data Manipulation and Analytics

Alteryx sample film – Data processing, Data Manipulation and Analytics

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