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Queen of naps Stack – React Node from Scratch, Building Social Network course another from the website Udemy is how to develop API with Node JS and making front have to help React JS to fully you can. Node JS A environment executive server-side language, JavaScript, is that possible to use this language for writing server side scripts has provided. React JS is also a library, open source JavaScript, which is the construction of user interfaces and components of web pages easier. You during this period with Node JS and React JS is fully familiar, and how to build a social network, along with the program database MongoDB learn.

This course helps you to be a programmer, FullStack In JavaScript become so that you can code server-side and client alone with this language do. You watch this course, you to skills Java Script fluent in it. with coding the core Node JS familiar, and start making the API flexible and reliable upgrade session. You continue with React JS is also very well dating find and learn how part Front have Program Design to get data from API, made get. This course will provide you with the newest technology, programming, world meet and the skills you develop and design your website with Node JS and React JS increases.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Learning to code with modern JavaScript
  • Complete familiarity with Node Js and React Js
  • Developer API with Node JS
  • Design front have with React
  • Learning JavaScript environment of the browser
  • Learn how to work the event loop in Node JS
  • Programming time time, and غیرهم time
  • Use the modules Node JS and NPM
  • Pattern design MVC
  • Training in the use of the Postman
  • The implementation of the identity validation by JWT
  • Develop, upload, images, videos, likes and Dislike, ” the role of manager, dashboard, user profiles, and comments
  • The establishment of the program in the cloud server, Digital Ocean
  • Implementation of captcha code

Profile course Captain Morgz Stack – React Node from Scratch, Building Social Network :

  • Language : English
  • Time : 21h 30m
  • Number of lessons: 233
  • Training level : Intermediate
  • Instructor : Ryan Dhungel
  • File format : mp4

The headlines course :

MERN Stack - React Node from Scratch Building Social Network

Prerequisite course

  • Basic Understanding JavaScript or any other programming language


MERN Stack - React Node from Scratch Building Social Network

Sample movie

Installation guide

After the Extract with the Player your custom view.

Previous name:

React Node FullStack – Social Network from Scratch to Deploy

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2020/8 compared to 2019/3 number of 33 lessons and 23 hours has increased.

Version 2020/10 compared to 2020/8 number of 1 lessons has increased.

Version 2021/1 compared to 2020/10 number of 4 lessons and 9 minutes have dropped.

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Version 2021/1

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Version 2020/4

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