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Learn Advanced C ++ Programming is one of the premier C ++ language courses designed for intermediate and advanced programmers. Beginners must have completed the C ++ Foundation Course before using this tutorial. Although this course is for upper-middle-class programmers, there is still a brief introduction to the basic concepts of language, according to syllabus routines. This tutorial will focus on advanced features of the Cpl Plus language.

For example, reading and writing files using STL is provided with detailed tutorials and discussions. Template classes, operator overloading, how to use lambda expressions, a thorough understanding of the constructors and the different ways to use it, and so on, are fully taught. To understand these concepts, a practical project based on mathematical algorithms that produces fractal images is trained. These images can only be produced using some powerful C ++ language capabilities. You\’ll also learn how to use pointers that are dangerous features of this language efficiently, and you\’ll learn how to use multidimensional arrays and how to use them.

Course Content Learn Advanced C ++ Programming

  • Build complex applications in C ++ language
  • Learn all the concepts needed for advanced programming levels
  • Full understanding of C ++ 11

Course specification Learn Advanced C ++ Programming

  • English language
  • Duration: 15:11:02
  • Number of lessons: 105
  • Instructor: John Purcell
  • File Format: Video: AVC (.MP4), 1280 * 720 30fps | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Playable on: Windows, Mobile, TV

Full list of educational topics and topics

2 lecture 04:22

4 lecture 36:06

5 lecture 46:59

The Standard Template Library
12 lecture 02:21:22

Overloading operator
6 lecture 01:09:53

Template Classes and Functions
4 lecture 23:26

Passing Functions to Functions
5 lecture 56:38

C ++ 11\’s Amazing New Features
31 lecture 04:20:41

About GUI Programming in C ++
1 lecture 11:16

A Project: Drawing Fractal Images
34 lecture 04:14:06

Bonus Videos
1 lecture 06:13


You will need a grasp of basic C ++, along with a C ++ compiler.

Images Learn Advanced C ++ Programming

Learn Advanced C ++ Programming

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