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COSMOtherm is the name of COSMOlogic Group\\\\\\\’s specialized software for calculating and predicting thermophysical fluid data. The software ahead of you, according to its creators, is a universal tool for computing fluid data around the world. The product ahead of you has been able to combine quantum chemistry and powerful thermodynamics with powerful software to calculate the data you want. This way you can predict and calculate many properties of materials using this software and the features included.

The creators of COSMOtherm have also tried to design the interface of the product so that the user can easily put all his focus on research and computing, rather than spending time learning about the software environment. One of the features of this product is the general use of this software. On the other hand, the precision and superior predictive power of this product, along with its integration, has brought you efficient and practical software.

As you use this product for your predictions and calculations, your response speed will increase in a particular way. The software in front of you is able to perform very complex calculations and predictions in just a few seconds and show you the results. Also all the tools and features of this software will be easily accessible and used.

Features and Features of COSMOtherm Software:

  • Integration in the design and development of this software
  • Very user-friendly GUI that simplifies the task for the user
  • It has the ability to make very accurate predictions
  • It reduces your time consumed in calculations and forecasts
  • High processing speed means response and conclusion in seconds
  • Predict the behavior of substances in the solvent state of liquids, solids and gases
  • Activity Coefficient Forecasting, Two Phase Scattering (eg LogP)

The documentation for this software can be viewed and downloaded here.

required system  

COSMOtherm System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista

Recommended Hardware
In general we recommend machines with at least 1 GB of memory per core and a few ten GB of free disk space. 64Bit Hardware and OS is mandatory. All versions of TURBOMOLE include the parallel version, but for intense use or time consuming parallel jobs Linux is highly recommended.





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