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Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms , name of the training video series in the field of engineering, the structure of the data can be. In fact, in this training set you will help the programming languages C and C ++ on the structure of data and algorithms available mastered you’ll find. You learn how to analyze and implement a variety of structured data to help the programming languages mentioned, at the end of the course to be an expert in the field of data structure conversion will be. Also you watch this course to the skill and detail is very valuable, you’ll find.

Set on you almost every what you in the structure of the data with which you are working is covered and you by viewing the training provided in this course, video skills analysis, improve your want on a shoestring budget. Also, each data structure in the course video with a linear programming practical case Discussion, Analysis, and run placed. You also learn concepts and skills have been said to be able to solve possible problems want to be.

Technical training course Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms :

  • Learning Data Structures is popular, and the algorithms they
  • Improve the level of analytical skills, data structure and algorithms you
  • Learning algorithms recursive in the data structure
  • Learn a variety of algorithms, sorting and use it
  • The implementation of structural data using programming languages C and C ++
  • And…

Profile course Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms in date 2020/3

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Abdul Bari
  • Level: introductory to advanced
  • Duration Time: 56:20:54
  • Number of courses: 374 classroom
  • Language: English

This course Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms in date 2020/3

Course content
374 lectures 56:20:54

Before we Start
2 lectures 15:44

Essential C and C Concepts,
13 lectures 02:05:47

Required Setup for Programming
7 lectures 43:23

7 lectures 01:24:48

33 lectures 05:05:51

Arrays Representations
15 lectures 01:53:42

Array ADT
37 lectures 06:06:30

11 lectures 02:33:56

17 lectures 02:18:16

Sparse Matrix and Polynomial Representation
12 lectures 02:13:27

Linked List
57 lectures 06:54:48

Sparse Matrix and Polynomial using Linked List
3 lectures 25:23

22 lectures 03:16:16

14 lectures 01:32:05

33 lectures 04:03:52

Binary Search Trees
11 lectures 01:34:37

AVL Trees
8 lectures 01:31:31

Search Trees
9 lectures 02:08:40

8 lectures 01:11:04

Sorting Techniques
29 lectures 04:13:09

Hashing Technique
8 lectures 01:29:04

16 lectures 03:08:18

Asymptotic Notations
2 lectures 10:43


  • Previous knowledge of Programming in C and C++

Images Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms

Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++

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Version 2019/6 compared to 2019/3 number of 14 lessons and 4 hours of time added. Also, the 5 GB increase the volume of have been.

Version 2019/12 compared to 2019/6 about half an hour rising time. The information of the number of changes in the courses available.

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