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XMind excellent software to create maps, mental or Mind Map is. When the ideas you think and or group about a particular subject, brainstorming you do for the scattered ideas, information, data and clues to your mind Kotor works. Software, XMind is designed, this information is scattered in a central place for gathering and get back later in an appropriate chance to process and wrap them. This software makes it possible to save and coordinate the automatic map of mind for cloud/online also has for information security, let\’s convenient.

Features and software features XMind :

  • Make easy maps, the mental with different features
  • The possibility of making charts, commercial, and organizational
  • Mode BrainStorming for the holding of meetings, brainstorming between the team members
  • The mode of Presentation to provide efficient, map, mental
  • The display of Gantt, such as Microsoft Project
  • Different features for the map, and subjective, such as the relationship between them, summarize, etc. markings, etc. Note. comment and …
  • The possibility to change the theme and fonts with the ability to customize the top
  • The possibility of getting the output format PDF,PPT,XLS and Word(doc,docx)
  • The ability to save maps mental for cloudy
  • Possibility to save in Evernote
  • The ability to share maps subjective, created in the social networks
  • Having more than 60هزار beautiful icons for various applications
  • Possible to share between the local area network LAN
  • Print several pages at once, side by side
  • The possibility of combining maps of the mental with each other
  • Ability to take screenshots of the parts of the mind map
  • Advanced filtering
  • Powerful search
  • The possibility of taking notes, audio
  • Ability to encrypt documents
  • The possibility of storing with vector format in SVG,
  • Having lockers, high and diverse to be ready

System requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Linux x64

macOS 10.11+


XMind screenshot

XMind ZEN screenshot

Download Links

Download XMind 2021 v11.1.2 Multilingual x64

Download XMind 2021 v11.1.0 Multilingual x86

Download XMind 2021 11.0.0 Portable x64

Download XMind 2021 11.0.0 Portable x86

Download XMind 2021 v11.1.0 macOS

Download XMind 2020 10.3.1 x64

Download XMind 2020 10.3.1 x86

Download XMind 2020 10.3.1 Linux64


Download XMind 2020 v10.1.3 x86

Download XMind 2020 v10.1.3 x64

Download XMind 2020 v10.1.3 Linux64

Download XMind 2020 v10.1.3 macOS

Download XMind ZEN 9.2.1 Build 201906120058 Multilingual x64

Download XMind ZEN 9.1.3 Build 201812042238 macOS

Download XMind 8 Pro 3.7.8 Build 201807240049 Multilingual

Download XMind 8 Pro 3.7.7 Build 201801311814 Multilingual macOS

Password file(s):

File size

Version Windows 32-bit: 89 MB

Version Windows 64-bit: 92 MB

Version of Linux: 144 MB

Version Mac OS: 221 MB

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