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Workflow Engine .NET Applications is to add the streams workflow to applications. This software allows full integration with the program you will be or can be used as a service distinct, for example, a web service specific activities. Workflow Engine .NET using the C # language has been developed and that\’s why at the end of the word NET. To be seen.

Streaming into two groups, sequential and State machine are divided into the … This app is the possibility of creating a streaming State machine as a consequence of in the form of files, XML, stored, and managed. This tool also includes a design environment, Visual on the base of HTML5 and JavaScript that lets you design graphics streams, something gives. This component, in comparison with other competitors, including Microsoft WF and ObjectFlow abilities and capabilities more and for that reason the use cases more programmers will be.

Features and technical component Workflow Engine .NET :

  • The possibility of the design of the process scheme in the browser based on HTML5
  • High efficiency and perfect performance in the design of streaming
  • Added fast to the current working project
  • Generate fast and auto lists the input
  • The possibility to change the live skims and view the results
  • Support from databases different: MS SQL Server, MongoDB, RavenDB, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • The XML file legible, and formatted and the possibility of a change in editors, foreign
  • The possibility to extract the list of processes from the folders Inbox and Outbox
  • Features built-in, for access to the operations of foreign streams of work
  • Update and changes the flow of work in the new version
  • Supports long-term operation
  • Access to the list of states current workflow
  • Support from Database NoSQL

System requirements

.NET 4



Installation guide

In the file Readme.txt in the folder Crack is available.

Download link


Download Workflow Engine for .Net Enterprise 4.1.5

Download Workflow Engine for .Net Core Enterprise 4.1.4

Download Workflow Engine_for .Net Core Enterprise 4.0.1 Online

Download Workflow Engine_.NET 3.5

Download Workflow Engine_for.Net 3.5.0 Enterprise Edition


Download Workflow Engine Server 2.3.2


Download Workflow Engine Java 2.3

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File size

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