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LedaFlow software from Kongsberg Gruppen for the simulation of multi-fuzzy fluid is unstable, the program features, several that the user show cause analysis and make better decisions in the process design and operation. For example, LedaFlow with the use of rheological Herschel-بالکلی (Dick-Bulkley) ability to simulate the operation of water treatment behaviors in a non-نیوتونی provides.

Also, other capabilities such as the makeup is hydrated, the possibility of calculating the margin in thermal also provides. With the use of this software, the possibility of visual storage and display of animated motion of fluids in pipes (even with the structure, annular, etc.) there. Users using this software can piping are realistic based on the map, the geometric and the effects of different land make. Using tool profiles, the possibility to create substrates directs the fluid to the convenience it provides, which ultimately increases the computing speed in general will be.

The application process modelig it more transparent and by calculating the mass, energy and motion of fluids for water, oil, and natural gas, increases the accuracy in the simulation, sensitive, and simultaneous operations will be, and this makes a better understanding of the behavior of fluids in the structures we desire to be.

LedaFlow formula, the balance of mass for each of the 9 field (gas, oil, and water in structures, continuous and discrete) calculates and solves. Design and performance of production systems successful requires knowledge of the details of fluid behavior a few FaZe is. This software to achieve accuracy and transparency higher in the simulation, the fluid a few faze application has many.

LedaFlow calculations accurate to provide the best plumbing offers features such as management of liquids, size, and routing the appropriate lines directs fluid design heat-resistant, planning for contingencies and …, this app also provides the ability to evaluate the final model we will also use data from the pre-defined structure, plumbing we have in different situations being reviewed. This software, with many features makes the development of the market the product and create the balance stable between research and development and commercialization of the crop.

System requirements

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Installation guide

In the Readme file included in the folder Crack is given.

Multiflash 6.0 also in this version is active.

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