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Let\’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD Laracasts training site is how to create a forum for dialogue by Laravel framework explains. Laravel an open source PHP framework for building web applications based on the MVC are used. Forum or forums of dialogue can have different features and developing them challenging for many programmers. Topics and answers make up the core of a forum such as the ability to share, filtered, and bulletin Ryltaym can be a forum for dialogue more attractive.

In the course of building an online forum with PHP language can be fully explained. Lecturer in the course of the Laravel framework and test-driven development method used in making the forum and you are familiar with PHP programming. This course settings to set up a complete database covers all sectors forum for you to be taught step by step. If you are interested in PHP programming or you want to learn how to build a professional forum this time will bring interesting topics for you.

Where the course is taught:

  • Build an online forum from beginning to end
  • Working with Laravel framework
  • Programming using test-driven development
  • PHP language teaching
  • Add multi-forum
  • Answer Form and publication design issues
  • Test validation errors
  • Filtering the issues
  • Identify spam
  • Using AJAX to update images
  • Add CAPTCHA code

Profile of Let\’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD:

  • English language
  • Duration: 19 hours and 29 minutes.
  • Course number: 102
  • Level of education: Advanced
  • Tutor: Laracasts
  • File Format: mp4

Course topics Laracasts – Let\’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD:

1 7:59 EPISODE
Initial Database Setup With Seeding

2 9:26 EPISODE
Test-Driving Threads

3 9:09 EPISODE
A Thread Replies Can Have

4 17:39 EPISODE
A User May Respond to Threads

5 5:14 EPISODE
The Reply Form

6 6:13 EPISODE
A User May Publish Threads

7 5:43 EPISODE
Let\’s Make Some Testing Helpers

8 7:54 EPISODE
The Exception Handling Conundrum

9 of 14:12 EPISODE
A Thread Should Be Assigned a Channel

10 10:41 EPISODE
How to Test Validation Errors

11 of 13:25 EPISODE
Users Can Filter Threads By Channel

12 8:24 EPISODE
Validation Errors and Old Data

13 3:00 EPISODE
Extracting to View Composers

14 7:37 EPISODE
A User Can Filter All Threads By Username

15 18:47 EPISODE
A Lesson in Refactoring

16 9:19 EPISODE
Meta Details and Pagination

17 11:51 EPISODE
A User Can Filter Threads By Popularity

18 15:46 EPISODE
A User Can Replies Favorite

19 7:37 EPISODE
The Favorite Button

20 7:06 EPISODE
From 56 Queries Down to 2

Prerequisite courses Lets Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD

  • No Prerequisite Need


Let\'s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD

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