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Moon Modeler is a professional data modeling tool for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite and GraphQL systems . Design chart, especially in large projects and team, etc. play a major role in obvious storage structure and model data, find the error, and also understand the more comfortable the relationship between collection and master by team members . To the help of this software, you can diagram the ER ( Entity–Relationship or Entity-Relationship ) for the listed systems for video design and the objects in the database such as tables, keys, etc. indexed and relationships define or JSON files for the database MariaDB illustration below . It is also possible to manage the project structure and get output from graphs as PDF file or SQL code for use in other projects is also provided .

The interface of this software is also very convenient and to use fast is designed; the possibility of making new objects with the settings pre-defined, a change of the position of the field with the use of the drag ( drag and drop ), add a field reference for the collection, the target automatically and the choice of the theme, bright or dark, including these features are . All changes also have the ability to reproduce, instantaneous storage and Undo. The possibility of the layout of the objects in the upload, etc., colored items, etc. change the view to view the metadata and also add photos or notes in HTML format makes up the schema design is perfectly legible and not understandable . The functional reverse engineering functionality of existing structures allows you to connect to one of MongoDB, MariaDB or PostgreSQL databases and create word diagrams from them .

Specs and features of moon modeler

Visual definition of Entity-Relationship data models for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite and GraphQL systems
Reverse engineer existing databases or GraphQL sketches and build word diagrams from them
Get quality PDF files and printables from designed graphs
Ultimate limit status analysis (ULS Capacity )
Generate, preview and store SQL scripts, JavaScript codes or sketch generation scripts
MongoDB or Mongoose sketch Visual Design Define MongoDB collection and design nested structures in its diagrams
Convenient and personalizable interface with bright and dark themes
And …

System requirements

  • Windows 10



Moon Modeler

Installation guide

In the Readme file included in the folder Crack is given.

Download link

Download Moon Modeler v1.6.5

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File size

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    2022-09-10 4:56 am
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    About: Moon Modeler v1.6.5

    Update please this program

      2022-09-10 9:12 am
      Firefox 104 Firefox 104 Windows 10 Windows 10
      About: Moon Modeler v1.6.5

      There is no newer cracked version


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