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The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing educational programming Python, from beginner to advanced, with construction of the project applications of the website Udemy is. Over the past few years., the python has become more popular. Demand for Python in the market career blossomed and is a skill that can help you in entering some industries exciting, including science data, web applications, etc. home automation, and many other help. This course makes that you can Python, to learn and get ahead of your competitors.

Feature course The Complete Python Course :

  • Learn how to make.Nagai, writing professional codes python like a professional programmer in Python
  • Learning Python from 0, and become an expert by learning everything about the inner workings of the python
  • Create a favorites long duration to Python and programming by creating habits of good programming
  • Discover the wide possibilities that you can make Python do, including databases, development and web scarping

Profile course The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing

  • Duration Time : 35:18:55
  • Language : English
  • Number of courses: 343
  • Movie format : MP4, 1280×720
  • Sound : AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Instructors : Codestars by Rob Percival, Jose Salvatierra

The headlines of this period :

Course content
343 lectures 35:18:55

Intro to Python
24 lectures 01:37:31

Python fundamentals
24 lectures 02:07:33

Milestone Project 1
7 lectures 32:55

Object-Oriented Programming with Python
12 lectures 01:18:03

Errors in Python
13 lectures 01:50:01

Files in Python
15 lectures 01:43:23

Databases in Python & Milestone Project 2
20 lectures 02:04:44

Type hinting in Python
2 lectures 13:54

Advanced built-in functions in Python
10 lectures 50:00

Advanced Python Development
20 lectures 02:51:27

Web Scraping with Python
29 lectures 03:05:09

Browser Automation with Selenium
13 lectures 51:16

Asynchronous Python Development
25 lectures 02:36:42

Python on the console and managing project dependencies
7 lectures 49:03

Web Development with Flask
11 lectures 01:11:35

Interacting with APIs with Python
6 lectures 21:40

Decorators in Python
10 lectures 36:39

Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
8 lectures 43:39

GUI Development with Tkinter
17 lectures 01:21:28

Unit testing with Python
10 lectures 49:15

Algorithms and Data Structures
13 lectures 01:50:36

Python libraries
7 lectures 01:11:06

Python Reference / Refresher
38 lectures 04:39:44

Bonus Section
2 lectures 01:25


  • A computer—any will do! We don’t need any tools to start with, and when we do, we’ll guide you through everything you need
  • A willingness to learn and enjoy doing so
  • There are no other requirements! Give it a go!

Images of The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing

The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing

Sample movie

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2019/6 compared to 2018/5 number of 11 lessons and 3 hours increased.

Version 2020/6 compared to 2019/6 number of 38 lessons, and about 4.5 hours increased.

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