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The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp , name of the training set and in the field of programming JavaScript can be. In this course you are making software for the real day the world began to learn a functional programming language, JavaScript, can get. As you know scripting language, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages available in the world, but learn it as one is not simple. Course, you, like so many educational video, the other incomplete, is not and has tried to completely different topics discussed.

Also you view a tutorial of this series to the new features of the programming language JavaScript, which includes ES6 and ES7 can be … will be familiar. The use of 80 the challenge of training in this course the power of writing code JavaScript for you, the students cherished provides.

Features and amenities of The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

You students cherish by viewing and learning tips and techniques contained in this set to form a practical and useful programming language, JavaScript, learn. Also, you in the training set and more than 150 sessions, educational video’s on your have. As was said in the series, training you to build and write software practical in the real space want pay.

Profile courses:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Andrew Mead
  • Level: introductory to advanced
  • Duration Time: 29:39:09
  • Number of lessons: 155, lesson
  • Language: English

The headings of The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

Course content
155 lectures 29:39:09

Course Overview
2 lectures 08:44

Setting up Your Machine
6 lectures 24:48

JavaScript Basics: Variables and Flow Control
11 lectures 01:55:35

JavaScript Functions
7 lectures 01:14:07

JavaScript Objects
10 lectures 01:48:03

JavaScript Arrays
10 lectures 02:24:20

Javascript in the Browser
14 lectures 02:47:51

Data Storage Libraries, and More
18 lectures 03:39:02

Expanding Our JavaScript Knowledge
9 lectures 01:42:37

Advanced Objects and Functions
15 lectures 03:01:34

Asynchronous JavaScript
17 lectures 03:36:07

App Themes
8 lectures 01:49:15

(NEW) Cutting-Edge JavaScript with Babel and Webpack
25 lectures 04:54:33

Wrapping Up
3 lectures 12:33


  • No programming experience is required to take this course. I’ll walk you through the entire process from scratch!
  • All you need is a computer (Windows, macOS, or Linux) with an internet connection (Windows, macOS, or Linux)

Images of The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

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Instructions for use

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Version 2018/12 compared to 2018/5 in terms of the number of courses remained unchanged is. In terms of time duration only a few seconds has increased. In terms of size around 200 MB increased.

Version 2019/5 compared to 2018/12 in terms of the number of courses remained unchanged is. In terms of time duration only a few seconds has increased. In terms of the volume of both is about 50 MB increase.

Version 2019/11 compared to 2019/5 a few seconds in the total increase and in the headings change time.

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