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R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R, a new collection of video tutorials on the R programming language. Period before you as an advanced course known. What you will learn in the course of the analysis and the analysis of data to help in the R programming language. In fact, you have to watch the training video course you need a basic familiarity with the R programming language in mind. You watch the video to a new level training offered in this course in a programming language you\’ll find R entry.

In this course you learn how to extract data for analysis on it to help learn programming R. You also how to calculate the average value, work with time and date, how to make the list and how to work with them, using the key functions and learn so well. On the other hand you how to apply, lapput and sapply to learn the ring.

Where the course is taught:

  • You provide the data and extract it to help learn programming language R
  • Identify and find the missing
  • Learn and understand how to use it () function in your application
  • Learn about the functions you need in the analysis of data
  • Learn how to reset initial data index
  • And…

Profile period:

  • English language
  • Duration: 05:56:15
  • Number of Courses: 51
  • Level of education: Advanced
  • Professor: Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team
  • File Format: mp4

Headlines of R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R

Content Course
51 lectures 05:56:15

To The Course Welcome
3 lectures 06:55

Preparation Data
22 lectures 02:27:13

In R Lists
11 lectures 01:28:47

\”Apply\” Family of Functions
14 lectures 01:51:27

Lectures Bonus
1 lecture 01:53

Prerequisite Courses

R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of R
  • Knowledge of the GGPlot2 package is recommended
  • Knowledge of dataframes
  • Knowledge of vectors and vectorized operations


R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data Science

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Version 2020/3 to 2018/6 is a volume increase of about 100 megabytes. All other changes are not available.

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