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The Complete Linux Training Course is the name of the video and information technology training suite in the operating system learning branch. The course ahead is considered to be a comprehensive Linux operating system training course. Dear students in this video course, you will learn the basics and principles of working with Linux as best as possible from the introductory level. You will become a Linux expert by watching all the sessions in this course. It is clear that as you progress through the sessions you will acquire more advanced skills.

What you will learn in this course is 10 essentials. While watching this course you will learn the skills needed to install Linux operating system, configuration, management, troubleshooting, command line, OS tools and much more. In addition to lectures, tests and assignments are also included in this training series, which will help you to improve your skills in an incredible way. This course is also suitable for those interested in obtaining the RHCSA EX-200.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Prepare for Linux-related jobs
  • Get ready for the EX-200 test and succeed
  • Learn over 150 recipes in Linux operating system management
  • Increase your skills in working with Linux and a deep understanding of the basics
  • Able to solve potential problems in Linux operating system
  • Learn how to manage Linux servers
  • And…

Course specification:

  • English language
  • Duration: 20 hours and 54 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 189
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Instructor: Imran Afzal
  • File format: mp4

Complete Linux Training Course Topics

Course content
189 lectures 20:54:08

Syllabus Overview
3 lectures 05:11

Module 1 – Understanding Linux Concepts
6 lectures 07:20

Module 2 – Download, Install and Configure
15 lectures 01:12:06

Module 3 – System Access and File System
21 lectures 01:49:10

Module 4 – Linux Fundamentals
19 lectures 02:21:50

Module 5 – System Administration
26 lectures 03:35:31

Module 6 – Shell Scripting
14 lectures 01:13:12

Module 7 – Networking, Services, and System Updates
27 lectures 04:00:57

Module 8 – Disk Management and Run Levels
20 lectures 03:10:15

Module 9 – All About Resume
7 lectures 35:28

Module 10 – All About Interview
14 lectures 01:05:12

Course Recap
5 lectures 28:46

Additional Resources
9 lectures 01:04:10

3 lectures 5am

Course prerequisites

Complete Linux Training Course Requirements

  • Desire to learn Linux and a computer


Complete Linux Training Course

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