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AKVIS is one of the leading companies in the field of graphic and image design tools, with a special focus on designing high quality plugins for Photoshop software and has produced and marketed many plugins to date. Born in 2004 by a number of professional programmers and developers, the company has since specialized in producing and delivering products for photographers that have been welcomed by diverse customer feedback.

All Akvis products run in a Photoshop-independent environment, meaning you don\\\\\\\’t need to open Photoshop software to work with your plugins and easily import your images into a standalone environment and execute the desired output and ultimately output. Is. The company\\\\\\\’s products are highly versatile and provide good tools for almost everything related to image editing. One of the common features of all Aqua products is its ease of use.

This collection contains all the products offered by this company that are suitable for almost all the required color correction, graphic effects, framing, facial make-up, retouching, oil painting, design and more. These products are constantly being updated and new features are being added. The current collection includes the following products:

List of Windows versions:

AirBrush 3.0
ArtSuite 10.5
ArtWork 9.0
Chameleon 8.5
Charcoal 1.0
Coloriage 10.0
Decorator 4.0
Draw 3.0
Enhancer 15.0
Frames 1.0
HDRFactory 5.0
Lightshop 4.0
Magnifier 8.0
MakeUp 4.0
MultiBrush 8.0
NatureArt 8.0
Neon 2.0
Noise Buster 9.0
OilPaint 4.0
Pastel 2.0
Point 1.0
Refocus 6.0
Retoucher 7.0
Sketch 17.0
SmartMask 8.0

List of Mac versions of AKVIS products:

* Chameleon 9.0
* Charcoal 2.0
* Coloriage 10.5
* Decorator 4.0.615
* Draw 3.0.399.12165
* Enhancer 15.0.2148.12029
* HDRFactory 5.0.754.12264
* LightShop 4.0.1368.9888
* Magnifier 9.0
* MultiBrush 9.0
* NatureArt 8.0.1600.12224
* Neon 2.5
* Noise Buster 10.0
* OilPaint 4.0.436.11981
* Pastel 2.0
* Points
* Retoucher 7.0.986
* Sketch 17.0.2933
* SmartMask 9.0
* AirBrush 3.0.374.12122
* Frames 1.0
* ArtSuite 10.5.2480.10625
* ArtWork 9.0
* MakeUp 3.5.446.1073
* Refocus 6.0
* Watercolor 1.0

required system


OS X 10.6 or later


Installation guide

download link

AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop x64 / x86

Download AKVIS_Frames_5.0

Download AKVIS Frames 5.0 portable x64

Download AKVIS_AirBrush_3.0

Download AKVIS_ArtSuite_10.5

Download AKVIS_ArtWork_9.0

Download AKVIS_Chameleon_8.5

Download AKVIS_Charcoal_2.0

Download AKVIS_Coloriage_10

Download AKVIS_Decorator_4.0

Download AKVIS_Draw_4.0

Download AKVIS_Enhancer_15.0

Download AKVIS_HDRFactory_5.0

Download AKVIS_Lightshop_4.0

Download AKVIS_Magnifier_8.0

Download AKVIS_MakeUp_4.0

Download AKVIS_MultiBrush_8.0

Download AKVIS_NatureArt_8.0

Download AKVIS_Neon_2.0

Download AKVIS_Noise_Buster_9.0

Download AKVIS_OilPaint_5.0

Download AKVIS_Pastel_2.0

Download AKVIS_Point_1.0

Download AKVIS_Refocus_6.0

Download AKVIS_Retoucher_7.0

Download AKVIS_Sketch_17.0

Download AKVIS_SmartMask_7.0


Download AKVIS_LightShop_6.0.1593.15655_macOS

Download AKVIS_MakeUp_5.0.651.15806_macOS

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