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Eriksson Culvert , or ETCulvert, is the name of a software engineer specialized in simulating and analyzing Culvert boxes. In fact, this product is referred to as the most advanced precast and cast-in-place box simulation software. It also integrates tasks into one system, giving users great productivity and flexibility. In fact, this software is capable of providing very detailed analysis and automation by providing integrated solutions.

Eriksson Culvert software is able to quickly analyze wall thickness and size and distance of Culvert boxes in its automatic design mode. Support for standards, specifications of CHBDC, LRFD, and AREMA along with support for the two common and metric units used in modern US science has expanded the use of this product. With this software you will be able to model your desired Culvert boxes in various forms.

Utilizing a very user-friendly interface along with excellent graphics in the software has made your design and simulations simplified and the results of this product very reliable and reliable. You will also be provided with all the details of the design along with the exact calculations. A customizable library of tools you need along with real 3D rendering are other features of this software.

Features and Features of Eriksson Culvert Software:

  • User-friendly interface to facilitate design and simulation
  • Automatic design and simulation of Culvert boxes
  • Advanced analysis of moving loads is possible
  • Supports culvert types such as box, 3 sided, type 1, type 2, multi-cell
  • Manually adjustable and default analytics options

System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 7


Eriksson Culvert screenshot


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