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AlphaControls Package is a very valuable and professional component for AlphaSkins user interface design. The AlphaController package is very useful for building commercial and media software and it is easy to work with. There are many features and properties that have greatly enhanced the value of this package. This package has a nice set of different controls for the interface that is not found in any other package. Each of the controls has its own property and has its own properties that are different from the other controls. Various graphics and rendering tools are also provided, all of which are rendered in real-time so images and colors always look precise and natural.

Features and Features of AlphaControls Component Package:

  • Has a valuable set of different controls
  • Properties specific to each control
  • Rendering images and colors and graphics objects in real-time

required system

Supported Delphi 5/6/7 / 2005-2010 / XE-XE8 and C ++ Builder 6 / 2006-2010 / XE-XE8
Compatible with Windows XP and newer
Platforms: Win32 and Win64



Download Link

Download AlphaControls v16.23 Stable released Full Source

AlphaControls v16.21 Stable (DCU) for Alexandria

AlphaControls v16.21 Stable (DCU) for Sydney

AlphaControls v16.21 Stable (DCU) for Rio

AlphaControls v16.21 Stable (DCU) for Tokyo

AlphaControls v16.21 Stable (DCU) for Berlin

AlphaControls v16.21 Stable (DCU) for Seatle

Download AlphaControls_v16.18 stable sources for Delphi 5 – 11 Alexandria

Download AlphaControls_v16.18 for 10.1 Berlin – 11.0 Alexandria

Download AlphaControls_v16.16 Stable sources (14-09-2021) for D5 – 10.4 Sydney

Download AlphaControls_15.22 Stable Cracked DCUs for D7, Rio, and Sydney

Download AlphaControls_14.31 (D5&DX10.3Rio) (CB6&BuilderCX10.3Rio) OnlyDCUs Retail

Download AlphaControls_10.11 Full Source Tokyo

Download AlphaControls_10.11 Full Source D5-Seattle

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