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The Business Intelligence Analyst Course , name of the training video series in the field of data analysis and branch analysis of Business (Business Analysis) can be. You are viewing the training. to all the skills necessary to become an analyst, BI access you\’ll find. Also the publisher of the training set and The Pretender is that everything you in this field, you need to do, you will be trained. In addition, the point has been said., the publisher of the training set and claiming that there is this period of video you completely ready to analyze the business will work.

Also in the period mentioned, you first start to learn the various an introduction to the science of data, you will. Later also with the two categories in the name of Statistics and excel completely, you will be familiar, and in later stages also to arrange with the theory of database in. SQL and Tableau is complete, you will be familiar. Also the training set to those users that are interested in analysis, smart business types are.

Course features The Business Intelligence Analyst Course :

  • Convert you from an individual beginner to an expert in statistics, SQL, etc. Tableau, and solve the problem
  • Learn how to enhance your resume with skills in demand have been
  • Learn how to collect, organize and … analysis, and data visualization
  • Learn how to make better decisions from the data in the business ahead
  • Learn how to analyze quantitative and qualitative business
  • Learn how to analyze current data and historical
  • Learning to understand the basics of the theory of database
  • Learn to combine SQL and Tableau to visualize the data from the source
  • And…

Profile of course

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: 365 Careers
  • Level: introductory to advanced
  • Duration Time: 20h 20m
  • Number of lessons: 413 classroom
  • Language: English

This course The Business Intelligence Analyst Course

The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2020

The conditions required The Business Intelligence Analyst Course

No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics
You\’ll need to install MySQL, Tableau Public, and Anaconda. We will show you how to do it step by step
Microsoft Excel 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 365

Images, The Business Intelligence Analyst Course

The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2020

The film sample of The Business Intelligence Analyst Course

Installation guide

After the Extract with the Player your custom view.

This tutorial has subtitles in English.

Quality Movies, 720p is.


Version 2019/7 compared to 2019/1 number of 2 lessons and 7 minutes increased.

Version 2020/3 compared to 2019/7 total of 7 lessons, and about 1.5 hours increased.

Version 2020/4 compared to 2020/3 number 1 lesson increased.

Version 2020/7 compared to 2020/4 the number of 1 lesson and 3 minutes increased.

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