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The Effective Learning Speed ​​Reading Memory Booster is the name of a collection of visual training in memory and reading skills and in the topic of reading and memorizing fast content. In fact, what you will learn in this course includes skills and techniques that will make your reading and learning speed 10 times faster and more effective. In fact, you will improve your personal skills by learning how to improve your memory and hence save time in learning more.

You will also increase your reading and learning speed by up to 50 percent by watching only the first hour of the course, according to the publishers of this course. In addition to all the skills and techniques offered to you for faster reading and learning, you will also be given increased focus. You will gain a lot of confidence after watching this course, and you will no longer have the stress and frustration you face.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn the skills needed to read and learn 10 times faster
  • Learn how to strengthen your memory and focus to increase your reading and learning skills
  • Significant savings in reading and learning lesson and non-lesson content
  • Increase your confidence in studying and reduce stress and hopelessness
  • Properly thoughtful when studying for very high focus
  • And…

Course Profile Effective Learning Speed ​​Reading Memory Booster

  • English language
  • Duration: 12 hours and 8 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 176
  • Instructor: Silviu Marisk – Top Instructor
  • File format: mp4

Effective Learning Speed ​​Reading Memory Booster Course Topics:

Course content
176 lectures 12:08:11

Unleash Your Genius Today!
6 lectures 29:47

How To Develop Lightening Speed ​​Reading
5 lectures 28:53

BONUS: How To Double Your Reading Speed ​​In Just 30 Days!
3 lectures 11:11

Planting The Seeds For Total Reading Domination
8 lectures 46:03

How Your Reading Makes You Smarter
11 lectures 56:03

Learn How To Take Notes Effectively
7 lectures 14:56

Remember All The Information You Need, When You Need It Most
5 lectures 15:01

Advanced Memory Techniques To Boost Your Speed ​​Learning
9 lectures 26:51

How To Develop Laser-Like FOCUS!
4 lectures 17:09

7 lectures 02:41:54

The Productivity Secrets Begin Here!
13 lectures 28:20

How To Discover Your TOP Activities – These Will Drive All Your Success!
9 lectures 23:58

TOP SECRET: The Power of Focus – How to Double Your Productivity Overnight!
7 lectures 24:07

The Secret to Eliminate Distractions
15 lectures 44:40

How to Develop a Powerful Productivity Routine
11 lectures 37:45

How to Break Bad Habits Today!
2 lectures 06:36

Effective Learning Speed ​​Reading Memory Booster Course Content

Secrets Revealed – You Need to Build a Strong Foundation
5 lectures 16:16

6 Top Strategies for Accelerating Your Change
5 lectures 13:13

Magic In Action: The Power of Your Circle of Friends
3 lectures 07:08

How To Build Power Habits Faster Than You Could Imagine
4 lectures 07:58

Special BONUS!
1 lecture 03:17

How Your Brain Operates!
2 lectures 06:34

Discover Eight Learning Styles That Will Turn You into a Pro!
9 lectures 22:47

How to Create Bulletproof Habits!
2 lectures 4:45

Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Form Strong Habits
3 lectures 09:15

Techniques and Insights to Develop Good Habits
3 lectures 08:43

Why Setting Goals is Important!
4 lectures 15:31

How To Achieve Everything You Want!
3 lectures 09:40

It\’s Time to Take Action!
4 lectures 20:15

How to Define Your Perfect Goal! BONUS: 5 Actions to Turn Your Goals into Reality
5 lectures 10:22

Final Thoughts
1 lecture 00:28

Prerequisites for an Effective Learning Speed ​​Reading Memory Booster course

  • An open mind for learning.
  • A commitment to apply the material.
  • A notebook and pen!
  • There\’s nothing to buy or pay for – everything is included for free!


Effective Learning Speed ​​Reading Memory Booster

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