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The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android! A training course on behalf of the website Udemy is how to build a program of the greater Sunda Islands Android and iOS to help Xamarin to you train. Xamarin a tool on behalf of the company, Microsoft, that programmers, let\’s write a code to #C language start making apps for Android and iOS to. To the help of this tool, you can create a program, and it\’s for two platform Android and iOS published below.

You during the course with Xamarin are familiar and you learn how to use Xamarin Mac Xamarin Classic, service, software, mobile, Azure, and service Rest start making plans the greater Sunda Islands for mobile platforms please. You watch this course and learn Xamarin can job opportunities a variety of to create for yourself, and with a time coding, etc. your app for two platforms Android and iOS published below.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Build native apps for Android and iOS
  • Share 100 % code between Android and iOS
  • Complete familiarity with Xamarin
  • Using Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Classic
  • Work with services, software, mobile, Azure and service the Rest
  • The construction program of the greater Sunda Islands to mobile platforms

The characteristics of The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android :

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time : 29:07:17
  • Number of courses: 205
  • Training level : Intermediate
  • Instructor : Tim Buchalka\’s Learn Programming Academy, Eduardo Rosas
  • File format : mp4

In this course The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android :

Course content
205 lectures 29:07:17

Intro to Xamarin
4 lectures 21:01

Requirements and Preparing the Environment
5 lectures 24:08

Hello World with Xamarin.Forms
13 lectures 01:27:26

XAML & Navigation – The travel record app
12 lectures 01:26:28

C# Fundamentals
13 lectures 01:41:46

SQLite – Local Databases
11 lectures 01:12:19

Maps and Location
5 lectures 01:01:13

REST – Consuming Foursquare Services
9 lectures 01:22:37

Working with Images
4 lectures 29:58

4 lectures 27:31

Azure Services
13 lectures 02:07:26

26 lectures 03:56:09

Storing Images in the Cloud
5 lectures 41:26

Hello World – Xamarin Native
8 lectures 57:54

The Delivery App Login – Android
5 lectures 27:09

The Delivery App Login – iOS
5 lectures 34:10

Azure App Services on Xamarin classic apps
5 lectures 41:00

Sharing code
6 lectures 47:49

Tabs in Android
6 lectures 01:01:43

Tabs in iOS
4 lectures 36:07

Lists in Android
3 lectures 33:28

Lists in iOS
3 lectures 33:29

Maps in Android
5 lectures 46:29

Maps in iOS
3 lectures 21:33

The Delivery Person\’s App
8 lectures 01:56:15

Adding Platform Specific Functionality
7 lectures 01:19:29

Publishing to the App Stores
7 lectures 58:01

In-App Purchases
4 lectures 42:37

Extra Information – Source code, and other stuff
2 lectures 10:36

Prerequisite courses The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android :

  • A Windows computer, preferably with 8.1 or higher required for first part of the course (Xamarin Forms) or you can use Windows 7 or higher for the Xamarin classic part of the course.
  • A Mac computer with OS X El Capitan (10.11) or higher if you want to use a Mac for Xamarin development.
  • If you want to test the iOS apps you need a Mac, however you can code and design them from the Windows.


The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android!

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Version 2020/2 compared to 2019/7 about 50 minutes rising time.

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