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Advanced Algorithms in Java The tutorial video of Advanced Algorithms in Java is from Udemy. This course is about advanced algorithms that focus on graph motion, shortest path problems, tree spanning and maximum flow problems, and many Google Web Crawler applications to use stock market arbitrage positions . This course takes about 11 hours to complete, but I highly recommend typing these algorithms several times to stay informed. You can download the whole lesson source code in the last lecture.

In the first section, we discuss the main graph transaction algorithms (BFS, DFS) and its applications such as WebCrawler or topological ordering. The next section is about the shortest path algorithms: There are several applications we know from image processing to forex arbitrage. The next chapter is about the minimum spanning tree and the clustering algorithm. Then, on the problem of maximum flow, we will learn perhaps the most important algorithm in this lesson. The final chapter discusses how to solve NP-related issues. If you want to remember advanced topics in algorithms, you should definitely take this lesson. There are a number of areas that can be used: from software engineering to scientific research.

Advanced Algorithms in Java course feature:

  • Learn more about data structure applications
  • Able to move to advanced topics such as machine learning or big data analytics
  • Know the graph algorithms: BFS, DFS, shortest path and spanning tree
  • Run advanced algorithms effectively
  • Having a good understanding of algorithmic thinking

Course specification:

  • Duration: 09:45:36
  • English language
  • Number of lessons: 76 lessons
  • Movie format: AVC 1280 × 720
  • Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Instructor: Holczer Balazs


Chapter chapters of this course:

Course content
76 lectures 09:45:36

2 lectures 11:22

Breadth-First Search
4 lectures 42:24

Depth-First Search
11 lectures 01:30:51

Shortest Path Algorithms
14 lectures 01:53:53

Spanning Trees
12 lectures 01:57:15

Strongly Connected Components
9 lectures 50:53

Maximum Flow Problem
14 lectures 01:26:11

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
7 lectures 01:01:27

Euler cycle – Chinese Postman Problem
1 lecture 10:49

Course Materials (DOWNLOADS)
1 lecture 00:02

1 lecture00: 59


Java Core

Eclipse IDE

Internet connection

Basic knowledge of data structures


Advanced Algorithms in Java

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