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React Front To Back is the name of a web development video tutorial. In this course you will learn how to implement a real world project with Firebase / Firestore. In this course you will also learn fully advanced Master React 16.3+. This course focuses on the concepts that are in use today.

This course assumes that students do not know anything and are prepared from the outset. As you continue your training sessions you will also become an advanced level working with React. Finally, a complete React / Redux admin panel project should be designed and implemented during this period.

Features and Features of React Front To Back

Dear students, with this course you will be able to learn React content, concepts and tips from the basic to the advanced level. In this course you will have 73 video training sessions for students and at the end of the course you will need to create a complete and real project.

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Brad Traversy
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 13:57:32
  • Number of lessons: 91 lessons
  • Language: English with English subtitles

React Front To Back headlines

Course content
91 lectures 13:57:32

Course Introduction
3 lectures 13:36

Project 1 Start [Github Finder] & React Setup
6 lectures 33:02

Components, State & Props
7 lectures 57:19

Events, Passing Props, React Router & More
8 lectures 01:18:00

Refactoring To Hooks & Context
11 lectures 01:45:09

Project 2 Start [Contact Keeper – MERN] & Express Server Setup
6 lectures 38:33

Backend Users, Contacts & JWT Authentication
8 lectures 01:12:38

Client Side Setup & Contacts UI
10 lectures 01:50:25

React / Express Authentication
8 lectures 01:30:36

Contacts API Integration & Deploy
5 lectures 47:05

Project 3 Start [ITLogger – Redux] – Components & UI
8 lectures 01:23:03

Redux For State Management
7 lectures 01:15:20

Technicians State & Components
4 lectures 32:59


You should have a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript


React Front To Back 2019

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