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TASS International PreSCAN that the new version of 2019 with joining Siemens, named Siemens Simcenter PreSCAN is supplied, a platform is a powerful simulation used in the automotive industry is. From this platform for simulation and development of advanced systems help the driver (ADAS) systems and the safety of vehicle-based technology, sensors such as radar, lasers, cameras and GPS are used. This software engineers, help the communication systems between vehicles and infrastructure (V2V and V2I) as well as systems, machines, your hip (without a driver) to design and assess. The range of application software, powerful, TASS International PreSCAN of the design of controllers based on model tests in real time to the help of the hardware in cycle (HIL) and software in cycles (SIL), including the.

TASS International PreSCAN of a pre-processor GUI to define the environment and the scenarios and executable it uses. Intuitive interface and a graphical user helps you since the design of the scenario desired., the sensor in question, your simulation the.Engineers can use MATLAB and Simulink as the main interface build and test algorithms and to add the regulatory systems used. Open platform software makes up the interface are flexible, the use of systems, third-person modeling, dynamic automobile (CarSIM or dSPACE ASM) and the simulator hardware in the cycle easier work. Modules multiple available at TASS International, PreSCAN, any it is an advanced system helping the driver needs for developers to provide.

Features and software features TASS International PreSCAN:

  • Modeling of various sensors (radar, cameras, lasers, ultrasound, etc., infrared, etc.)
  • The design of communication systems, vehicle-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-infrastructure urban (V2I)
  • Design various scenarios (road networks etc. use it., bridges, etc.)
  • The ability of the modeling, pedestrians, etc. buildings, trees, etc. customs, etc. line drawing of the road and a variety of objects, the
  • Simulation of different conditions in the stage of the run (night and day, rain, fog, snow and Road Lighting)
  • The possibility of the use of data SketchUp, Google Earth, etc. tracking by GPS and CAD
  • Direct communication with the software MATLAB and. Simulink, etc. CarSim., the dSPACE and LabVIEW

System requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer


TASS International PreSCAN

Installation guide

In the Readme file included in the folder Crack is given.

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