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PolyBoard is Boole & Partners’ interactive software for designing and manufacturing cabinets based on world-class methods and methodologies. The program was originally designed for cabinets but can be used for other similar applications such as cabinetry, bookshelves, doors, tool hinges, and more. PolyBoard supports all types of cabinets with layered, tree-lined, composite and composite materials, etc. It is important to note that every change in the design of all calculations is done automatically and again. Imagine doing the same thing on paper. The smallest change in previous calculations is the total time spent checking other sizes and checking for them. This is not the right process for someone who is at least in the cabinet making business.

This program shows you the map of the cabinets both in 3D and in 3D, all real size and applicable in the real world. The cut and intersections and overlays of different colors are displayed. Do not imagine this as a general tool for cabinet making, PolyBoard starts with the general design and comes with the most basic parts of drawer, door, cabinet design, and cabinet material. Even parts such as cutting paths, holes that need to be drilled, places to screw in, the inside edges of the cabinet, and other similar details can be easily programmed. After fully designing the cabinet and making sure you have control over all parts of it, you can download the required CNC device file from the program and go straight to the actual production steps of the cabinet.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher and 8GB RAM recommended, 16GB if you’re working on large and complex projects.

Graphics card (Polyboard, StairDesigner): DirectX compatibility required which almost all cards have. We recommend the card has a minimum of 4GB memory, or 8GB for larger projects.


PolyBoard screenshot

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