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ImageEn is one of the most powerful components with a unique library for Delphi and C-Plus. The .NET version will also be released. With the ImageEn component you will be able to edit and analyze all the features of an image and display it. You’ll also join the thousands of developers who need ImageEn for their multimedia work.

Features and Features of ImageEn Component:

– Save and render images anonymously

– Crop and rotate images without losing quality

– Support for Color Management Systems

– Save and upload digital camera (EXIF) fields images in JPEG, TIFF, RAW and HD Photo files without losing the original image

– Save and load EXIF ​​GPS fields files

– Save and retrieve Adobe XMP fields from JPEG, TIFF, HD Photo and PSD files

– Support for raw cameras including internal thumbnails

– Save and retrieve IPTC data from JPEG and TIFF files

– View the specifications of an image including the dimension and depth of the image without loading the image

– Having a special dialog for storing and uploading images

– Alpha channel support for GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICO, CUR, TGA, PSD files

– Detect edges and corners of photos

– Removes red in the eyes

– Soft and inner shades

– Supports huge range of pixels including 1 bit, 8 bit paletted, 8 bit grayscale, 16 bit grayscale, 24 bit RGB, 32 bit float point, 24 bit CMYK, 48 bit RGB, CIELab

– Save screenshots

– Support for VCL themes

– Print images

– Support for Undo and Redo

– Clipboard support

– Support for various objects including lines, circles and roundness

– Change the settings of objects including Transparency, Soft shadow, Anti aliasing

– High speed image processing using Multi threading

required system

Delphi 5 – XE10.3


Installation guide

These releases are usually either cracked or bundled with or released as a source code.

Due to the impossibility of testing, different versions are available.

Download link

Download ImageEn v10.2.0 Build 38258 Full Source

Download ImageEn 9.3.1 with IEVision 5.4.2 XE-DX10.4

Download ImageEn v9.2.6 & IEVision v5.4 For Delphi 10.4 [CS]

Download ImageEn 9.2.6 with IEVision 5.4 for Delphi 10.4

Download ImageEN v8.3.0 Build 28620 for 10.3 Rio Full Source

Download ImageEn 8.6.0 with IEVision for 10-10.3

Download ImageEn 8.6.0 with IEVision for XE2-XE8

Download ImageEn 8.1.2 for Delphi7-DX10.3 Cracked DCU

Download ImageEn 5.2.0 D5-XE10.2 x32-x64

Download ImageEn 6.2.1 Retail DCU for Delphi7-XE10

Download ImageEn 5.2.0 for D5-DX10.1 Berlin Full Source

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