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Spanish for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1 is a Udemy training course that teaches you Spanish. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world and one of the most popular spoken languages ​​in the world. If you are planning to start learning Spanish, this course is perfect for you. During this course, you will be introduced to the main structure of the Spanish language and learn many vocabulary throughout the course.

Designed for beginner learners, this course will help you learn Spanish at a beginner level using modern techniques. The lecturer teaches you the Spanish alphabet, familiarizes you with the essentials of grammar, teaches repetitive and essential vocabulary with proper pronunciation, and makes it easy for you to provide multiple conversations. Makes more. After completing this course, you can speak your favorite Spanish words and speak with others at a beginner level.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Introduction to the Spanish language
  • Learn thousands of commonly used Spanish words
  • Know the correct pronunciation of words
  • Learn Spanish Grammar
  • Participate in various conversations
  • Better learning with the help of the continuous iteration system

Spanish course for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1:

  • English language
  • Duration: 3 hours 56 minutes
  • Number of courses: 49
  • Level of education: Elementary
  • Lecturer: Peter Hanley
  • File format: mp4

Spanish for Beginners course headings:

49 lectures 03:56:23

1 lecture 02:41

Lesson 1.
2 lectures 14:33

Lesson 2.
2 lectures 13:59

Spanish 1. Lesson 3.
2 lectures 08:53

Spanish 1. Lesson 4
2 lectures 15:31

Spanish 1. Lesson 5
2 lectures 12:44

Lesson 6.
2 lectures 12:55

Lesson 7
2 lectures 14:13

Lesson 8
2 lectures 12:39

Lesson 9
2 lectures 09:37

Lesson 10
3 lectures 13:00

Lesson 11
2 lectures 10:47

Lesson 12
3 lectures 12:23

Lesson 13
2 lectures 10:30

Lesson 14
3 lectures 12:37

Lesson 15
2 lectures 08:00

lesson 16
3 lectures 11:34

Lesson 17
2 lectures 10:19

Lesson 18
3 lectures 10:59

Lesson 19
2 lectures 9:30

Lesson 20
3 lectures 09:09

2 lectures 1:16

Spanish for Beginners Course Prerequisites:

  • No previous knowledge of Spanish is required. The course is designed for complete beginners or those with very limited knowledge.
  • Excitement to learn Spanish basics as fast as humanly possible.


Spanish for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1

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