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Laravel & vuejs Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher A tutorial on the Udemy site that teaches you how to track single-page applications using Pusher. Pusher is a hosting service that lets you add real-time data and capabilities to mobile and web applications. During this course, you will also learn about the Larval Framework and learn how to use Vue.js.

The tutor will teach you how to create a Facebook-like real-time notification system using Pusher, and add the likes and dislikes and response times to your program. He then explains how to install Larval and introduces you to how to use Git and Github. Then you\’ll learn how to set up a Vue-Router, how to launch Vuetify in Larval, how to use Json Web Token for authentication, and how to create a RestFul API. At the end of the course you will also learn how to create one-page programs and learn how to use Postman and work with models.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Build a real-time notification system similar to Facebook
  • Add likes and dislikes and Real Time Response
  • Using Json Web Token for authentication in Larval
  • Build and Use API in Larval
  • Use Vuetify next to Vuejs

Course Profile Real Time Single Page Forum with Pusher Laravel & vuejs:

  • English language
  • Duration: 10 hours 43 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 109
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Sarthak Shrivastava
  • File format: mp4

Real Time Single Page Forum App Topics

109 lectures 10:43:18

1 Introduction
3 lectures 17:07

2 Create Model, Migration Controller and Factories
5 lectures 16:23

3 Relationships
2 lectures 04:51

4 Factory and seeding
4 lectures 14:58

5 Crud for Question
6 lectures 29:54

6 CRUD for Categories
3 lectures 15:15

7 CRUD for Reply
4 lectures 23:21

8 Like and Dislikes
1 lecture 08:26

9 JWT for Authentication
4 lectures 47:05

10 JWT Middleware and Exception Handling
3 lectures 19:34

11 Vuetify and Components
4 lectures 21:15

12 Create Components with Routings
3 lectures 18:34

13 Javascript Helper class and functions
5 lectures 31:26

14 Authentication, SignUp and Logout
6 lectures 36:00

15 Front End Questions CRUD
13 lectures 01:20:41

16 Front End Category CRUD
6 lectures 31:01

17 Front End Reply CRUD
8 lectures 57:06

18 Front End Likes
3 lectures 14:53

19 Notifications
4 lectures 30:49

20 Pusher – Making things Real Time
6 lectures 35:48

21 Exception Handling and Bug Fix
5 lectures 28:50

22 Something Important and Conclusion
3 lectures 20:26

23 Play Notification Sound
1 lecture 06:32

24 From Pusher paid service to free laravel websocket service.
3 lectures 18:32

Pagination on Questions
4 lectures 14:31

Requirements for Real Time Single Page Forum App Course

  • You should have knowledge of Laravel and Vuejs Basics, which will make you understand things more easily.


Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs

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