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The Modern React Bootcamp is the name of a web design and development video training suite in the React business directory. In fact, you will begin to learn the basics of React by viewing the tutorials in this video course. Also, all sessions are accompanied by practical exercises so that you will learn the concepts properly by solving the exercises and challenges. You will continue to the higher level through this elementary and introductory course. Eventually you will become a React expert by watching this course.

In addition to the exercises you will be given at each session, you will actually see more than 10 projects from scratch by watching this course. Among the projects you do in this training course, there is one project as the main project in this course where you will build a powerful and powerful software. It\’s also worth noting that the Modern React Bootcamp offers you the latest concepts and techniques.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn the basics of React
  • Learn how to use hooks in React
  • Learn how to implement drag and drop capabilities (Drag & Drop)
  • Learn how to write dynamic and functional components
  • Learn how to work with the many library and tools available for React
  • Learn how to troubleshoot and troubleshoot
  • And…

The Modern React Bootcamp course profile:

  • English language
  • Duration: 38 hours and 48 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 312
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Instructor: Colt Steele
  • File format: mp4

Course headings:

Course content
312 lectures 38:48:03

A Taste of React
9 lectures 47:53

Introducing JSX
5 lectures 26:20

Props and More
9 lectures 41:35

Introducing Create React App
9 lectures 50:03

Pokedex Project
7 lectures 46:47

Introducing State
12 lectures 01:13:24

React State Dice Exercise
5 lectures 38:11

React State Patterns
7 lectures 48:28

State Exercises!
4 lectures 34:04

The World of React Events
7 lectures 51:59

Hangman Exercise
9 lectures 43:32

Lights Out Game
6 lectures 43:27

Forms in React
5 lectures 33:40

Exercise Forms
4 lectures 22:34

Todo List Project
7 lectures 48:06

Yahtzee Building
11 lectures 01:55:39

React Lifecycle Methods
7 lectures 41:00

LifeCycle Methods & API Exercise
6 lectures 36:00

Building the Dad Jokes App
13 lectures 01:17:52

The Modern React Bootcamp Course content

React Router:
6 lectures 39:37

Vending Machine Exercise
5 lectures 24:26

React Router Patterns
9 lectures 47:57

Router Exercises Part 2
8 lectures 01:01:05

The Massive Color Project Pt 1
12 lectures 01:40:53

The Massive Color Project Pt 2
6 lectures 44:41

JSS & withStyles (Color App)
4 lectures 33:04

The Massive Color Project Pt 3
10 lectures 01:34:23

The Massive Color Project Pt 4
10 lectures 01:23:57

The Massive Color Project Pt 5
10 lectures 01:39:33

The Massive Color Project Pt 6
12 lectures 01:39:53

The Massive Color Project Pt 7
12 lectures 01:37:10

Introducing React Hooks
5 lectures 01:01:02

React Hooks Project
9 lectures 01:19:48

Introducing The Context API!
10 lectures 01:37:12

Using Context with Hooks
6 lectures 20:59

State Management w / useReducer & useContext
10 lectures 01:19:13

Next JS
8 lectures 52:41

Next: Fetching & Server API
8 lectures 01:13:41

Bonus: Webpack Mini Course – Create Your Own Simple Version of React App
10 lectures 01:56:23

Prerequisites The Modern React Bootcamp course

  • You\’ll need some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but you don\’t need to be an expert.
  • You do not need advanced JavaScript knowledge. ES7 features are explained in the course as we go.


The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)

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