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GAMS is a software application for high level mathematical modeling, programming and optimization of these solutions. This software is able to solve a variety of linear, nonlinear problems. This software helps users to explore and solve complex issues from different angles and from a high level perspective. This app is especially useful for large and high-level issues and complex domain issues.

GAMS can be configured and set up for a variety of host platforms, including personal computers, workstations, mainframes and supercomputers.

In this program, complex and multi-faceted issues that need to be addressed from different points of view can be modeled with great care and users are able to modify the modeling formula in different parts and see changes.

One can switch from one solution to another, and even convert linear problems to non-linear ones. With the many features it provides, it helps users focus solely on modeling their problem.

Some GAMS features:

GAMS helps users not have to worry about controlling these issues by automating various tasks such as memory management, processing, storage, output input and workflow control, and has more opportunity to model and analyze problems and evaluate the results. The GSAM programming language is similar to many other programming languages, and people who are already familiar with one of the programming languages ​​will easily communicate with it.

The code written in this language is easy to document and can be coded and provided with various explanations so that later the code can be better understood. The solutions provided by GAMS software are fully portable, and once completed, the resulting solution can be easily transferred from one system to another.

required system

Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10


GAMS screenshot

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

In the case of the 32-bit version, start the software installation and, when requesting a license, import the gamslice.txt file and complete the installation; drag the Windows date to 2005 before running the program and then run the program.

The two loaded cracks are exclusively performed by Downloadley; Crack 1 is complete in terms of full solver but the outputs are not accurate. In Crack 2, made for version 28.2, some of the solver\’s are complete but not complete.

download link

Download GAMS 28.2.0 x64

Download GAMS 25.1.3_x64

Download GAMS 25.1.3 x86

File password (s):


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