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Petrel is a product of Schlumbergers integrated software for studying and solving all underground challenges including interpretation of seismic information and reservoir simulation. Patrol provides an integrated process for developing and monitoring static and dynamic reservoir models, thereby eliminating all communication problems between different software for the development and separation of these models and avoiding mismatches of input data at each step or loss. It prevents them from interfering with data exchange that occurs when using different software.

Features and Features of Schlumberger Petrel Software:

– All the tools needed from Seismic Interpretation to Repository Simulation are integrated into one integrated software that eliminates all the problems of import / export data between software.

– Extremely powerful 3D display data

– Ability to update very fast when new data is entered to make decisions faster and more secure

– Ability to copy / paste results and data into any Windows application for easy and fast reporting.

– User-friendly graphical interface with undo / redo capability and model history storage for easier use and learning

Petrel Software Features:

Cooperation and communication of different disciplines

It takes a while to realize that integration is essential, yet data integration is just the beginning and requires a thorough integration of business processes to get a detailed insight into repositories with complex structures. This has led to the protection and absorption of information from exploration to production or, in some cases, from oilfield modelers to reservoir engineering and beyond, leading to a shared vision of the underground reservoir. Whether the user is exploring deep water wells or developing a shale rock drilling program, petrel provides multi-disciplinary rotational capability.

Easy and easy access to various sciences

In the past, proper and proper application of the sciences meant the preparation and use of different applications and the separation and isolation of different sciences. Petrel brings together a wide range of sciences, from tank modernization to computer processing to prestack and modeling with the help of history matching, and in addition to the petrel software development ocean, the ocean enables the use of existing and existing petrel capabilities for further development and use. To the development teams.

Increase workflow efficiency

Given the increasing need for industry to increase the efficiency of complex repositories, increasing productivity is essential. The petrel software supports a repeatable and automated workflow to achieve best practices / outputs for sharing across the organization. New data are readily incorporated into the models, leading to the ever-updating of existing models from underground repositories.

Uncertainty analysis and workflow optimization make it possible to test and test the sensitivity of various parameters and scenarios. The new studio has increased productivity by providing databases that allow multiple users access and enable model-based collaboration across the organization.

System Requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Petrel screenshot1

Petrel screenshot2

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