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Ref-N-Write is a functional tool for writing is the science that helps you assignments and your papers quickly and to form a scientific write. You can use this tool to search a custom text, use the and or documents Your by it check, so that you can tune and appropriate words in the new entries, your advantage. Ref-N-Write, a very useful tool for people غیرانگلیسی is considered as a language, and it helps your posts about translation and interpretation, the skills of writing your academic improve.

Software Ref-N-Write is a platform great for exercise , learning, imitative in the writing is. This tool check style of writing, and. tune, and the words of a text can help you up of the same elements in your writing to use. You can easily get the documents you wish to this application, enter the words and similar ideas in it to posts new use. The software has an extensive library consists of 20 thousand words, get ready, and format scientific writing is in the field of writing is a great help to international students will.

Features and technical software Ref-N-Write :

  • Increase the skills of writing in English, with practice, learn to copycat
  • Check text and documents desired to find the style and the vocabulary used
  • Diggin the idea of the text and apply it on the posts you
  • The use of 20 thousand words and including academic ready
  • Plugin Search for Microsoft Word

System Requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11

Word 2010-2019-2021


Ref-N-Write screensot


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