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Android O & Java – The Complete Android Development Bootcamp is one of the popular Android programming courses in the Android Studio environment. In this Android programming tutorial is taught from basic to advanced. This course is based on the teacher\’s 4-year teaching experience, so anticipate and answer it before you ask a question. This course, like so many Judeo tutorials, is based on the ignorance of the programmer, assuming you have no programming experience and just want to learn how to build Android apps. This course in addition to teaching the Android Studio environment and how to build an application interface, has deeply taught Java .

You will be thoroughly familiar with Java object-oriented topics. It teaches inheritance concepts, classes, interfaces, conventions, how to use control structures such as conditional statements, switches, tripartite terms, or data structures such as arrays, maps, and lists. You will become familiar with the concepts and standards of coding and naming; the network and how to communicate with the server and send asynchronous requests, receive information and parse information in JSON files . In the course of Android O & Java – Mobile App Development you will also get to know design patterns in software engineering such as MVC and how to implement it in Android applications to get familiar with the basic programming techniques as well.

Android O & Java Training Content – The Complete Android Development Bootcamp

  • How to build Android apps for you
  • Build a plan for your business
  • Learn the concepts needed to become a freelancer
  • Get the information you need about Android programming to mention in the resume

Android O & Java Training Specifications – The Complete Android Development Bootcamp

  • English language
  • Duration: 21:00:52
  • Number of lessons: 289
  • Instructor: Mr Philipp Muellauer
  • File Format: Video: h264, 1280 * 720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Playable on: Windows, Mobile, TV

Full list of educational topics and topics

Course content
289 lectures 21:00:52

Set up for Android Development
10 lectures 52:04

Build the “I am Rich” App to learn about project structure and XML [Tutorial]
12 lectures 01:03:49

Coding Challenge # 1 – Using the Layout Editor in Android Studio and Github
8 lectures 32:29

Build a Dice App to Learn Java & XML Fundamentals [Tutorial]
13 lectures 01:12:21

Coding Challenge # 2 – Data Types, Variables and Arrays
12 lectures 48:14

Java Programming for Beginners
10 lectures 43:32

Build a Music App [Tutorial]
8 lectures 37:41

Build a Quiz App and Learn about the MVC Design Pattern [Tutorial]
18 lectures 01:24:44

Coding Challenge # 3 – Control Flow – Build a Story App Like Lifeline
11 lectures 45:49

Working with the Constraint Layout & Creating Multiple Layouts
9 lectures 01:23:11

Java Programming for Intermediates
10 lectures 01:07:55

Build a Weather App – Use GPS and APIs to Get Data from the Web [Tutorial]
19 lectures 01:28:29

Coding Challenge # 4 – REST & APIs – Build a Bitcoin Price Tracker
11 lectures 36:07

Build a WhatsApp Clone and Learn to Use Cloud Data Storage [Tutorial]
16 lectures 01:23:30

App Design Course Introduction
3 lectures 06:46

Color Theory
4 lectures 13:29

6 lectures 16:38

The Fundamentals of User Interface (UI) Design for Mobile
8 lectures 26:09

The Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) Design for Mobile
11 lectures 39:33

Designing for iOS vs. Android – What are the Important Differences?
7 lectures 14:15

Putting it All Together – A Step-by-Step Guide to the Mobile Design Workflow
11 lectures 01:06:37

3 lectures 01:23

The Complete App Marketing Course
2 lectures 06:31

Idea Validation – Save Your Time and Money
7 lectures 52:33

App Monetisation Methods – How to Make Money From Your App
4 lectures 25:12

How to Optimize Your App Store Listing
5 lectures 15:53

Growth Hacking Techniques for App Downloads
12 lectures 48:09

How to Get Press Coverage for Your App
11 lectures 24:30

How to Get Your Featured App on the App Store
5 lectures 09:01

App Store Optimization – How to Rank Higher on the App Store Search Algorithm
6 lectures 13:52

The Right Way of Using Paid Advertising to Drive App Downloads
8 lectures 14:12

App Store Reviews and Ratings
2 lectures 05:10

How to Use App Analytics to Increase User Retention
1 lecture 03:08

White Hat vs. Black Hat Methods of Getting More App Downloads and Revenue
2 lectures 07:23

Bonus: How to Build Your App Showcase Website
2 lectures 11:39

Your Turn
2 lectures 02:03


  • No programming experience needed – I\’ll teach you everything you need to know
  • A PC or Mac with at least 10 GB of free space
  • No paid software required – all apps will be created in Android Studio (which is free)

Android O & Java Images – The Complete Android Development Bootcamp

Sample movie

Installation guide

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Previous title of this tutorial Android O & Java – Mobile App Development | It\’s been Beginning to End.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


Version 2019/2 increased 3 lessons and 5 minutes compared to 2018/11.

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